How to Use a Wok on an Electric Stove

How to Use a Wok on an Electric Stove?

 Wok remains the most versatile and popular cooking vessel for ages. Enjoy cooking delicious kinds of foods in the unique shaped appliance. Innovation brought numerous changes to the ovens. So, it will be best if you match the pace of the electric ovens with your modified cooking vessels- woks. Still, the question arises of how to use a wok on an electric stove?

Dive into the article to know about how to use a wok on an electric stove?  By the end, you will explore the correct answer to the question. We will recommend a list of unique and best wok rings for an electric stove.

What is a Wok?

Every kitchen has a wok. It is among the most common and readily used appliances. With the journey from the gas stove to the electric stove, there came the dire need to learn how to use the wok on an electric stove? Before, it sets up ideally and adequately on the gas ovens. But the recent modifications demanded the users to remodel their kitchens.

You will come across woks made up of various materials such as carbon, non-stick metal, aluminum, and cast iron. It got two kinds of handles- stick and loop. Cook easily without the risk of burning your hands.

Being a versatile pan, you can cook a variety of foods in it. It is ideal for stirring fry, but it is appropriate for many other cooing tasks as well. Do you wish to char your meat perfectly or retain the flavor and freshness of the vegetables? Go ahead! You will love how crispy your vegetables turn to be. Moreover, steam the vegetables and let nothing hinder your healthy meals.

You will come across woks made up of various materials such as carbon, non-stick metal, aluminum, and cast iron. It got two kinds of handles- stick and loop. Cook easily without the risk of burning your hands.

Use Lodge cast iron wok on electric stove and maneuver conveniently in the kitchen. These works work well on the electric stoves that are available in the apartments commonly. But if you got carbon steel woks, look for glass top stoves.

You have to choose between the round bottom wok and the flat bottom wok. You can use the flat bottom wok simply on the electric stove or the glass top stove. Both types of woks got the same working and food quality. They have the difference in their appearance only.

Kinds of woks

The flat bottom wok has better compatibility with the electric stoves. It has more stability on the electric oven’s surface and proper contact with heat. Thus, you don’t need a wok ring for stability anymore.

The round bottom wok needs a wok ring for stability on the electric stoves, ovens, or any other. You can prefer this type of wok for mixing. Moreover, it is helpful in equal distribution of heat to every part of the wok. Make few adjustments for better working. But the round bottom wok needs a wok ring for the glass top stove.

However, still, the question remains intact that are the woks good on an electric stove? Let us move on and explore to get the correct answer.  

How To Use a Wok on an Electric Stove?

Before we move on to the working of woks on the electric stoves, we must look at the two kinds of electric stoves. One is the glass-ceramic stove, and the other one is an electric coil stove.

Electric coil stove

You can choose a flat bottom wok on this stove. You can place the wok on the heating coils’ top. It will ensure for even distribution of heat throughout the wok’s bottom. You will love experiencing the proper cooking of the food. A carbon steel wok is a much-preferred choice for a fine job.

However, the round bottom wok is not suitable because you have to hold the handle to create stability throughout the cooking.

Glass-ceramic stove

A round bottom wok works well on this type of stove. But it demands the placement of a wok ring for providing stability on the cooktop. Then, you can place the wok without any risk of falling off or instability. There is a gap between the stovetop and wok of ½ and 1 inch. The crack is due to the wok ring to prevent any scratches. It is the primary reason behind not using the flat bottom wok on the glass stovetops.

Moreover, being a solid material, it manages the extreme temperatures changes well without harming or breaking. Dropping any hard thing can cause damage or a crack. Therefore, carbon steel wok is not preferable on this stovetop. So you know how to use a round bottom wok on an electric stove– glass ceramic stovetop.

Are woks suitable for Electric stoves?

 You can count in woks as good heating and cooking vessels. Note down the following cooking procedures that you can preferably do in the works:

  • Braising
  • Deep frying
  • Steaming
  • Indoor smoking
  • Dry frying
  • Stir-frying

Preferable heat temperature for woks

You have to preheat the wok irrespective of your cooktop types. Make sure to heat for at least ten minutes before adding oil. Whirling it will create a coat inside your wok. Once the oil gets piping hot, add in all your desired ingredients.

Woks need slow and gradual heating in the initial phase. It can reach the maximum temperature of up to 3000W or higher. Avoid heating to maximum temperature at the start to avoid warping of your warp. The wok requires a temperature rise from 145°F – 300°F for proper cooking of a variety of foods. 


If you got a brand new wok, seasoning is the foremost important thing you need to do with it. The manufacturers apply oil to prevent it from being rusted. You have to get rid of this oil before starting your cooking mania. So here you go with the following steps to guide you:

  • Use soap liquid with stainless steel scrubber to scrub your wok from outside and inside. You will get rid of chemical coating.
  • Dry your wok on the high heat of the burning stove.
  • The appearance of black spots at the wok’s bottom and then turning into metallic grey indicates sufficient heating.
  • Let you wok cool down.
  • Now you can create a thin coating of nonstick with little overheated oil.
  • Again preheat your wok. This time add two tablespoons of oil and spread evenly in the wok.
  • You can remove the metallic smell by adding and stir-frying the chopped ginger. Furthermore, it will not rust again in the future.
  • Discard the mixture from your wok and let it cool down.
  • Rewash it, and it is ready to cook.

Best Wok Ring For Electric Stove

We recommend you the following best wok ring for an electric stove:

  • Wire Frame Wok Ring by Wok Shop
  • Chrome Steel Wire Wok Ring by Joyce Chen
  • New Star International NCWS9 Steel Wok Rack
  • TAMUME Universal Black Cast Iron Wok Support Ring

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, you know how to use a wok on an electric stove at the end. You need to get a flat wok for the electric stove but a round bottom wok for the glass-ceramic stove. Choose the best wok ring to enhance your cooking experience. Furthermore, the steps will let you know about the usage of wok from the beginning. Happy cooking experience!

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