How to use a tea kettle

How to use a tea kettle?


After hearing the word kettle, the majority of people think about tea. Well, it is fair to think about tea after listening to the word kettle because when invented, the sole purpose of the kettle was to heat water to make tea. But now, these tea kettles can be used for different purposes. We will tell you how to use a tea kettle for different purposes? That you might not know before.

But before seeing thepurposes that your kettle can serve, it is crucial to see which is the right way, to use a tea kettle? So let’s first see how to use a tea kettle.

How to use a tea kettle correctly?

As you know, the kettle is equipment to heat water, and like all equipment, its efficiency reduces over time. But if you use a tea kettle correctly, you can make your kettle long-lasting. So, the following are a few tips on how to use a tea kettle correctly?

  • First of all, clean the kettle thoroughly with tap water. Check if there is any residue on the whistle of the kettle. If there is any residue, then make sure to remove them, properly. Otherwise, the whistle can be clog permanently.
  • Then add the required water to the kettle and place it on the stove. Ideally, one should heat the kettle on full flame.
  • When the kettle starts whistling, it means water has heated up to a boiling point, and it’s time to remove the kettle from the stove. Make sure to remove the kettle vigilantly, to avoid burning your hands. Keep in mind that although most of the kettle whistles to indicate endpoints, not all the kettle whistles. For some, you have to estimate the endpoint by yourself. So, before using a kettle, make sure what type of kettle it is?
  • Then by holding the kettle with the potholder, transfer the heated water in the teacups, and then you can make your tea by adding your favorite tea leaves to it.
  • After using the kettle, make sure it is empty before you place it on the rack. If you don’t do so, your kettle might rust. It will not only decrease the shelf life of your kettle, but also it will make water rusty. So don’t forget to empty the kettle after using it.

See, it is simple to learn how to use a tea kettle. And also, by using the kettle properly, you can make the kettle stay for an extended time.

How can you use the kettle for different purposes?

We tell you at the beginning that besides heating water for tea, you can use the kettle for several other purposes. Here we will give you some exclusive ideas to use a kettle.

So let’s see how you can use a tea kettle to serve different purposes

To make liquor

Liquor is a drink like tea. People prefer taking liquor while having a sore throat or coughing. The recipe for making liquor is the same as tea. You need to heat water and then add the herbs of liquor in it, and you are ready to go. You can also use the boiled water from the kettle to do gargles.

To make oatmeal

I bet that you have never thought that you can make your food with a kettle, but you can do so effortlessly. To make oatmeal in kettle, heat water in the kettle, up to the boiling point. Pour some instant oatmeal in the bowl and add the boiled water from the kettle and tada! Your food is ready.

To boil eggs

You can also boil your eggs by using a kettle. Place the eggs vigilantly in the kettle; add the appropriate amount of water that soaks the eggs properly. Boil the eggs in the kettle for 10-12 minutes. And your boiled eggs are ready.

To make ramen

Yes! You read it right, you can use a kettle to make ramen, and we think it Is one of the most exciting uses of the kettle. Making ramen in the kettle is super easy. There are two ways to cook ramen in the kettle, first is to place noodles inside the kettle and let them boil in the kettle.

And second is to boil the water as explained above. And put the noodles, add the boiling water in the bowl and let the noodles settle for 2-3 three minutes, and your favorite ramen noodles are ready.

We think from now on you’ll not look at the kettle, like equipment to make tea only. Now let’s see some advanced tips on how to use and clean the kettle properly?

Precautions to use and clean a tea kettle

The kettle is a delicate piece of equipment, so you need to use it carefully. Most of the kettles corrupt due to lack of cleanliness. So it is crucial to clean the kettle properly. Here are few tips to clean the kettle

Hard water sticks with the kettle and deposits a layer of mineral on the walls of the kettle. This mineral layer can be converted into a layer of rust if not cleaned. To avoid the buildup of the mineral layer, you should clean the kettle thoroughly at least once a week.

To clean the kettle, fill it with water and vinegar. Heat water and vinegar in the kettle, up to the boiling point. After boiling water and vinegar, let them stay in the kettle for 10-15 minutes. Then clean the inner surface of the kettle with a soft sponge. Let the lid of the kettle open, so to dry it properly.

Besides cleaning the kettle, you should also learn how to use a tea kettle with safety? For this, we would advise not to touch the kettle with bare hands even after several minutes of using it.


Before reading this, you might have been seeing a kettle as a machine to make tea, but now you know how to use a tea kettle for different purposes, it’s like a portable kitchen fro you. Isn’t it amazing that you can even cook your food by using a kettle? But before using a kettle, be mindful to use it properly to ensure your safety and clean it properly to make it long-lasting.

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