How to reheat apple pie

How to Reheat Apple Pie – the right way to warm it up


Weekends and family time are the best and special times in which you and your mind want some relaxation and quality time spent with family. Nothing is best than good food to enjoy with family. Food is one of the best things which makes you happy and relaxes. Many dishes come in mind to eat on holidays but having something sweeter and crispier is fun.

For you and your family among all sweetly dishes apple pie would be delicious and ready to cherish you all time. If you have leftover apple pie still in your fridge, definitely you will get excited to warm it up again and enjoy its tenderness and crispiness

But the question is how to warm up apple pie without losing its crispiness. There are many methods to make it warm but we don’t know which will be best. So don’t worry this article going to help you out with about best way to reheat apple pie.

Thawing apple pie

Thawing apple pie safely is the most important thing because when you freeze for many days bacteria grow rapidly. When you direct place it in the oven for reheat it might become soggy. So, make sure you thaw pie before reheating in oven or microwave. If you thaw apple pie in the microwave or at room temperature there are must be a chance of bacteria regrowth.

So what is a safe method of thawing? For thawing pie safely you should place in the fridge for 6-8 hours or the whole night. Thawing in the fridge is safe because its temperature is suitable for apple pie for thawing it thoroughly without compromising on its taste quality.

How to warm up apple pie- check out the methods

1. The oven

The oven is a way to go while reheating apple pie without any confusion. It’s quite similar to how the apple pie originally baked. So, this is making sense to choose this option for reheating.

The oven is good because it warms the pie thoroughly while keeping it tender, tangy and crispy from both inside and outside. the only thing to notice is oven take more time to reheat than the microwave but wait a little more bit is worth it.

Here is a best method to reheat pie in the oven

  • Firstly preheat the oven on 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Then put apple pie on the butter paper or baking sheet
  • Cover it with foil paper( this is important it make pie moist and soft)
  • Put it in the oven for 20 mins but keep checking some oven reheat fast and some take more than 20 mins
  • Once you have done, remove it from the oven, cool it slightly and serve

2. How to reheat apple pie In the microwave

These days’ electronic cooking appliances are the best options for reheating foods like apple pie etc. It requires some investment to play out its work without any problem. The only negative point of these appliances that it may make your apple pie soft, soggy and a little bit out of taste if you’re alright with that, at that point, then you should go with this option.

While the broiler is the most ideal approach to warm crusty fruit-filled treat to guarantee it is fresh and soggy, you probably won’t show restraint enough to trust that the stove will warm up, and afterward warm the pie through. If it’s all the same to you taking a chance with the outside getting spongy, you can go through the microwave to warm the crusty fruit-filled treat.

The microwave is the speediest method to warm crusty fruit-filled treats, but you do need to do compromise of its quality. Here is the way to warm crusty fruit-filled treat in the microwave:

•          Put apple pie in the microwave

•          Heat it for a min and then remove it from the microwave

•          leave it for 30 seconds

•          Check it if it needs to more warmth then place it for another min

Best method

The best method to reheat apple pie is oven rather than microwave. Microwave may make your pie soggy but oven will keep it crispy.


Here are some tips to follow which surely help you in how to reheat apple pie.

  • always put foil paper if you are heating in the oven, it makes it crispy and warm evenly
  • Don’t eat quickly after removing it from the oven it might be hot and soggy
  • leave it for 30 seconds for a better crisp
  • Always use tart and firm apples that make apple pie more delicious
  • fill the inside with chocolate or brush the bottom with oil or butter, it makes it more crispy while reheating
  • use large grain sugar, when it melts it to make apple pie watery and super soft
  • for preventing from oil, add 1 tablespoon of flour in each pound of pie, it reduces to get pie oily

Frequently asked questions about how to warm up apple pie

Q1. How to prevent apple pie from becoming soggy?

Soggy apple pie ruins the whole taste and your mood too. Here are some ways to prevent it from sogginess:

  • bake it blind
  • always choose rack accordingly
  • use oil or butter to brush the bottom of the pie
  • try to make a thick crust
  • put a hot layer of white chocolate

These steps make your apple pie more crispy and delicious

Q2. How to serve apple pie? Hot or cold?

Serving freshly baked pie is the worst idea. When you remove from oven and eat it, you never get the actual taste of pie. Another reason is at that time pie will be soft and not crispy. Don’t serve it too cold and too hot.

Always put it out from oven and leave it for 30 seconds or a minute at normal temperature for crispier apple pie.

Q3. Can I store pie in the fridge?

Yes, you can store it after the cooling process is done. Leave it for up to 6 hours at room temperature then place it in the fridge and cover it with foil paper or plastic wrap.

Q4. Can I make pie 1 day before baking?

No, it may make your pie too soggy, watery and oily. Assembling one day before baking is not a good idea. Try to make a fresh pie and bake it instantly for better results.

Final thoughts

Homemade apple pie is one of the best option to make your free time enjoyable. When you eat it once, you want it again and again. Just you need to know about how to store it and reheat it. So, you will be able to enjoy your favorite sweet dish anytime you want to fulfill your craving.

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