How to clean red copper pan

How to Clean Red Copper Pan Properly

Copper cookware is one of the most popular kitchen items that everyone wants to add to their crockery range. With amazing cooking benefits, copper pans also add to the aesthetic of your kitchen and dining table.

Although these exquisite pots are expensive to buy and require gentle handling so that they last in their bright appearance for long. Red copper pans are ceramic mix copper cookware range that is more health safe and also non-stick.

Red copper pans being non-stock in properties don’t usually get food residues or tough curry stains at the bottoms but in case you have burnt your elegant looking pan badly and now thinking about how to deal with this mess.

Then don’t panic as we are here for your rescue, learn how to clean red copper pans without losing their ceramic base of shine.

What are red copper pans and for what they are used?

Red copper pans are an upgraded and non-stick range of copper cookware. Shiny copper mix with ceramic gives the pans more durability, strength and a ceramic layer at the bottom of the pan restricts copper absorbance in the food.  The inner layer is scratch-free and can withstand up to 500-degree centigrade temperature easily without burring your hand.

The heat conductivity is not affected by the ceramic addition and the pan has uniform heating best suited to make your medium-rare steaks. So you can enjoy the high-temperature endurance of copper pans with non-stick properties so to get a delicious yet fat-free or low-fat meal. Also, the red hard ceramic effect in the copper makes the pans look more appealing and they don’t get dented or tarnished easily.

Benefits of using red copper pans

Copper pans getting in every household and getting popular day by day is not so surprising. They tend to offer many benefits over the usual steel or aluminum cookware that can’t be ignored. Here are some impressive features of red copper pans that you can’t resist buying:


Red copper pans are very durable and don’t just break off or get worn out easily. If you care properly the pans could last for decades. Copper pans are known to antique and are usually passed on in generations that are used only on special occasions.  Red copper pans similarly are long-lasting and have rugged construction so that they are sturdier than simple copper pans.


Who doesn’t love to use royal-looking crockery and serve food in it? Copper pans give a new and beautiful look to your kitchen with an elegant touch. Being quite expensive these pots still have a huge market because of their aesthetic appeal and. They ad an exquisite feel to your cooking and dining.

Heat conductivity

Copper is known for its high heat conductivity, so for higher temperature cooking like steaks, or grilled fish and fried chicken what’s better than a copper pan that perfectly tenders your meat without taking too much time to dry it off.

Also with uniform heat distribution, the food cooks evenly and quickly, being hot for longer so that you don’t have to reheat it frequently.

Health benefits

With the antibacterial properties of copper, there is no chance of any germs penetrating your food also cooking in the copper pan is far more hygienic than the usual pans. Although copper absorption in food can be dangerous so the ceramic layer in the red copper pan protects from it. And with the non-stick feature, you can cook with less or no oil so it is very healthy for a well-balanced diet.

Tips for making your red copper pans last longer

Copper pans look beautiful and are great in performance but they are expensive and you can’t replace them frequently. So to keep your precious red copper pans in good condition and let them shine for long keep the following points in mind:

Season before use

Before you start using a new red copper pan it is good to season it. This will fill any open pores in the pan and enhance the non-stick properties of the pan. Here is how you can season your red copper pan:

Ø  How to season a red copper pan

  • First, wash the pan properly with normal dishwashing liquid and warm water and gently rub with a non-abrasive scrub
  • Now wipe it dry and apply a thin layer of oil to the surface of the pan
  • Now heat the pan in the oven for 20 25 minutes at 300 F
  • After the pan cools down wipe off extra oil.

No harsh scrub or steel wool

Never use harsh scrubs or steel wools to wash the red copper pan or scrape off any residue food. This can cause scratches on the surface and remove its polish or the non-stick ceramic layer that can cause the copper to penetrate in food or destroys pans look and performance.

Soak in water

Before cleaning the stuck food or wash the pan soak the pan in luke-warm water with soap so that the residue food softens and gets removed easily.

No strong cleaning liquids

It is advisable to not use any harsh chemicals or cleaning liquids to wash your red copper pan as it not only tarnishes it but also can damage the inner ceramic nonstick layer that protects the food from getting copper absorption.

Re-season pans bi-annually or annually

To make the pan look like new and maintain its strength for a longer time it is good to re-season it bi-annually or annually. This increases the pan’s endurance and keeps its surface smoother and stiffer with shining brightly.

How to clean red copper pans- easy steps for a scratch-free cleaning

Here are some quick and easy hacks to clean your red copper pans hassle-free with the common household items without any scrubbing or scratching for hours

o   Vinegar and salt

This is one of the most powerful hacks for cleaning the tougher stains and food residues from copper pans bottom. Make a table salt and warm vinegar solution and apply it to the copper pan. Leave for an hour and then with light scrubbing or just rinse off.

o   Ketchup

Ketchup not only cleans the stuck or burnt food but also restores the shine of your copper pan that has gotten dull with cooking. Apply a thick layer of ketchup on your copper pan inner and outer surface and let it rest for 2 to 3 hours and then rinse it off.

o   Lemon juice and table salt

In case you require scrubbing and don’t want to use the abrasive ones then spread salt on the copper pan bottom and spray lemon juice on it. Now with the light circular motion, you can scrub off all the residue without damaging the non-stick protective layer.

o   Baking soda and lemon juice solution

One of the most common and popular hacks for cleaning utensils and especially copper pans is baking soda and lemon solution. Just sprinkle baking soda on your pan and pour lemon juice on it. Leave for a bit and then rinse it off.

o   Coke

Coke is found to be a very good hack in cleaning copper pans. Soak your pan in coke or just pour some in the pan and leave for some time. Then with a light sponge or just by hand wipe of any food residue, leaving your pan clean and shiny.

o   Copper pans cleaning liquids

There are many good cleaning liquids available in the market especially made floor red copper pans. You can get one for cleaning your pans properly.


  • Are red copper pans dishwasher safe?

Yes, but it is not advisable as a pressured wash in the dishwasher may tarnish or discolor your red copper pan over time.

  • Is it safe to cook in red copper pans?

Absolutely, with a ceramic layer in the inner, the pan is completely safe to cook and no copper absorption in food.

  • What to do if food is sticking in the red copper pan?

If you feel that food is sticking in your red copper pan then you must re-season it to restore the non-stick properties.

Summing it up!

We all love to cook in copper cookware and want them to last long. So if you are worried about their shine going or the stuck food and can’t figure out a scratch-free method then follow the above easy steps and get your cleaning done without any hours of scrubbing

Hopefully, you find these tips helpful

Enjoy the hacks and stay connected for more!

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