How to clean a Stinky Dishwashers

How to clean a Stinky Dishwashers

Dishwashers are quite possibly the most useful and overlooked appliance in your kitchen. It would not be wrong to call “Dishwashers” as “Life Savior” because whenever you get tired after every feast, your dishwasher is the only one who helps you to clean the dishes.

How bad it would sound if your dishwasher smells, you must have complained once that my dishwasher smells like fish or dishwasher smells like vomit. Feeling eew? Yeah, we also. In these conditions everyone ask to how to get rid of fishy smell dishwasher because the smell is unbearable.

The smell in dishwasher and how to get rid of it? Is a common question in every kitchen. Many people do a lot of researches in finding the answer. But for every problem, there is a solution, and we have found the solution for you. Mostly users in UK worried a lot about how to clean a smelly dishwasher in UK. Don’t rush yourself too much for how to clean a smelly dishwasher drain house, just read our given advice carefully. The best way to clean a stinky dishwasher is as under,

Step 1

The odor is the result of food particles accumulating in the drain filter of the dishwasher, remove the drain filter, and clean it. 

  • Wash the drain filter in the kitchen sink with soap and brushes keenly
  • Make sure that every food particle and gunk has been remove from the drain filter
  • Reinsert the drain filter in the dishwasher

Step 2

The debris and the spray arm also cause a smelly dishwasher. The ability of the machine to clean plates, cups, and dishes greatly decrease due to food clogged on the spray arm.

  • Remove all spray arms
  • Remove all food leftover from it and clean it with cotton
  • Run water through the arms to give a final clean touch to it

Step 3

Now it’s time to clean the interior walls of the machine.

  • Use a sponge and scrub to clean the walls of the machine
  • Use hot water with dishwashing liquid to clean it
  • Clean the interior keenly, leave no food leftovers

Step 4

After following the whole process properly if you are still facing smelly dishes after every cycle then check the drain hose of the machine

  • If you see standing water in the bottom of the machine then pull out the dishwasher and inspect its drain hose
  • Ensure that the drain hose is not bent. The bent hose can cause a limited flow of water and lead to standing water.
  • Due to the standing water the dishwasher smells like sewage.
  • Raise the drain hose loop a little bit higher if you notice that the sink water is collecting in the machine

But Why Does My Dishwasher Smells?

Imagine opening your dishwasher to take the clean dishes out of it but being faced by the dirty smell of the dishwasher, seems like your dishes are also dirty. 

The leftover food particles accumulate in the filter or crevices of the machine and due to that the dishwasher smells musty. During the drying cycle of the machine, the smell is transmitted to the dishes now how to keep dishwasher from smelling between washes is by keeping the machine clean.

Other factors that can cause the problem of what to do if your dishwasher smells include hard water as wellBasically, hard water accumulates in the base of the machine and sometimes on the part of the machine as well causing it to smell and even start to decaying the machine parts.

The actual reason that why dishwasher smells is because of users’ irresponsibility. Only using the machine but not cleaning it whenever it requires cleaning is not justice at all. 

How to get rid of bad odor in dishwasher?

Checked the drain filter, clean the spray arms and interior walls even inspect the drain hole, still facing the odor problem? Frustrating right? How do I clean and deodorize my dishwasher is the same frustrating question like the smell of the machine.Don’t worry and try our tip and say bye to the smelly dishwasher for forever.

There are a lot of products present in the market that claims to give clean, and odorless dishwasher, but if are one of those who doesn’t have time for that and wants a solution at home then try Vinegar and Baking Soda.

For smelly dishwasher Vinegar, Baking Soda works like a beast. They both not only clean your stinky dishwasher but will also remove the smell of the machine.

Now relax your mind because you are not going to face the same question again, and again that how to get the smell out of a dishwasher?

How to Take care of your Dishwasher

The home appliance needs our care and attention as any other item present in our home. Wiping the dishwasher from outside with a wet towel is not cleaning at all. When we just wipe the machine from the outside and neglect the inside cleaning then it causes bad odor problems, and we run in the whole house looking for how to clean a stinky dishwasher remedies

Save yourself from this situation by taking care of your dishwasher on daily basis. Whenever you are done with the kitchen cleaning wipe the dishwasher from inside as well and try to wash the drain filter and spray arms every weekend.

By following these tips and tricks you can save yourself from those situations. The situation about which you know very well that when occur your head spins around 360 degrees and you can’t stop yourself from finding the of how to clean a stinking dishwasher remedies from Google

Common Dishwasher Problems

From the time dishwasher has invented, it has made our life so convenient. Thinking about the old times when we used to clean the dishes manually for hours and hours after a huge feast, we ended up tired like hell.

If you Google out about the dishwasher, the most related searches you will find will be

  • How to remove bad smell from dishwasher
  • How to clean a smelly kitchenaid dishwasher
  • How to clean a smelly bosch dishwasher or
  • How to clean my stinky dishwasher

Seems like everyone is affected by the smelly dishwasher.

Like every machine, dishwasher also sometimes causes problems. The major problems caused by the dishwasher are,

  1. The dishwasher is not drying the dishes properly

This can happen due to many reasons like you might be washing a lot of plastic at a time. Plastic dishes have a problem of spinning while drying and the have hard density so they take time to dry or you should check the manual drying setting of your machine.

  • How to get the smell out of my dishwasher?

Well, this problem is the biggest problem of all, like we have discussed the whole article about this issue but still, it would not fair if we don’t mention how to remove odor from dishwasher, in the problems of the dishwasher. Cleaning and taking care of your appliance is the solution to your problem.

  • Malfunction in the heating element

If you are having an old dishwasher model then you must have experienced the issue of burning and heating smell issues. Now and the same question arises that how to get rid of smell in dishwasher, well for this problem there are DIY present but do that at your own risk. The easiest way to how to clean a sour smelling dishwasher is that call the dishwasher manufacturers and ask them for their direct service. 

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