How Long Does Fresh Juice Last

How Long Does Fresh Juice Last?


Juices have several health benefits. According to nutrients and medical research, drinking juices on daily basis can minimize the risks of cancer, make your immune system work better and also help you indigestion. Most people use fresh fruits and vegetables in a blender for juicing. But the problem is juicing them on daily basis can be a hectic task for them. Most probably they asked HOW LONG DOES A FRESH JUICE LAST?

This question depends upon the way you are juicing the veggies and fruits and also the quality of the ingredients. Moreover, storing techniques also matters a lot.

In this article, we going to discuss how to maintain the freshness of your juice for a long time. You might be thinking that should I store it in a fridge? Or leave it in a closed jar? Leaving in an open jug doesn’t seem right. However, storing it in an airtight container in a refrigerator is a good option.


Most people don’t think about this aspect. According to me, this is one of the most important things that should be considered while extracting juices. They think that only the storage process is necessary and it should be done effectively. But juicers do affect the shelf life of juices. Want to know how? Let me explain.


Centrifugal juicers are usually used for this purpose. They are common because they are speedy and work efficiently. But during this process, it produces a lot of heat that destroys the nutrients in fruits and also becomes a cause of oxidization. The oxidization process also reduces the lifespan of juices. So, if you are using these types of juicers then your juice will last up to 24 HOURS.


Another type of juicers available in the market and usually recommended is a masticating juicer. These juicers work at low speed and don’t produce much heat. It means these juicers do not affect the lifespan of juices much as compared to the centrifugal juicers. Juice, that is extracted from them can last up to two days.


The vitality of your juices can also be increased by using a cold-press and other types of juicers. By using the Twin Gear juicers shelf life of juice is increased up to 4 days. The whole game in juicers depends upon speed. the speedier juicer you get; the less healthy juice you will collect.

After selecting the right juicer for yourself the next step should be the storage process. This process is all about adopting the right strategies to save it. Most people save it in a refrigerator but the question which should be raised here is HOW LONG DOES A FRESH JUICE LAST IN A REFRIDGERATOR? On the other hand, some people believe a mason jar is best for it. Still, the question is HOW LONG CAN WE STORE IT IN MASON JAR? No matter which method is adopted or selected our concern is with the validity and freshness of juices.


Different storage techniques are listed here. It may help you to store your fresh juices effectively. So that you can consume it later. At room temperature, it should be used within four to four hours.

  • In a refrigerator
  • In a mason jar
  • Freezing it


Living in the 21st century. A busy life is full of worries and career planning. Job tensions and office work is also there. Some of us as students doing part-time jobs to make our living and to meet educational needs as well. In this way, it’s not easy always to save or spent some time on your health. Specially extracting juices can never be a hassle-free task. This is the main reason why we always asked HOW TO EXTEND THE LIFE SPAN OF JUICES? Even sometimes in the refrigerator juice gets oxidized. A wrong technique behind it we know.

The best way to store your juice in the refrigerator by putting it in an airtight container and also dilute it with natural citrus. Natural citrus includes lime and orange juices. This may further help you to extend the shelter life of your juices. However, the juice will last up to 2 to 3 days in a fridge. This will happen only if you use slow speed juicer otherwise the juice will be spoiled after 24 hours.


We all know how much plastic can be toxic to us. If we put our fresh juices in plastic for storage purposes, then impurities from plastic will be mixed with the juice and will make it quite dangerous for us to consume it for later use. An alternative technique is the mason jar. As a mason jar is made from glass and it is always advised to store edible things in glass utensils.

A mason jar can be the perfect option for us as its lid is sealed while not allowing oxygen to enter it. Juices are mostly spoiled because of air. As harmful oxygen dilutes it. In a mason jar, its life span is increased. You can store your juice for 2 days. You can also increase the life span by putting a jar in a refrigerator.


If you are really a busy person and do not have a minute for yourself and this option is for you. By acquiring the right techniques, you can store your juices in a freezer for months. But keep it in your mind that this option is not as good as the two listed above. The nutrition level is degraded by doing this.


Saving time from a busy routine is not an easy task. But, as we know health is wealth. So try to focus on your health too. When it comes to juices, it’s always the best advice to consume them freshly. And one more tip is to taste it by getting an only sip before consuming a whole glass of juice. These are some tips you should have considered.  

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