How long do hard boiled eggs last unrefrigerated

How long do hard boiled eggs last unrefrigerated?

Whether you boiled an egg for snacking later or changed your mind after boiling one and decided you would eat it later, it is important to know how to preserve them until you will eventually eat it. The first question that comes to mind is does a hard-boiled egg have to be refrigerated? It depends on what the weather is like. If it’s a warm day the egg will last about an hour or even less however if the weather is cold the hard-boiled egg will last about 2 hours more or less. 

Many times, people like to keep hard-boiled eggs in order save time as when they get hungry they can just quickly heat it up and have it or just boil it at night and save time making breakfast. Hard-boiled eggs cannot be stored unrefrigerated as they will go bad due to the moisture in the air. Therefore it is important to keep it in the coolness of a refrigerator. 

How long should you boil an egg if you’re planning to refrigerate it?

If you boil eggs with the intention of storing them, you should boil them just like you usually boil them on a medium flame for 15 minutes. When you refrigerate them for later use all you have to do is either put in water and heat it up for about a minute or two or keep it outside for a while so that it gets to room temperature so you can eat it. 

How to store hard-boiled eggs in a refrigerator?

How do you refrigerate hard-boiled eggs? Well, it is an extremely simple process and does not require any extra effort. Once the eggs have boiled, you can put them in a container and leave the container open in room temperature so that the eggs can cool down which will take about 15 to 20 minutes. It is not advised to put hot eggs in the refrigerator as the eggs will go bad and will not be edible. If you do not have the time to wait for 15 to 20 minutes, you can take a large bowl and fill it with equal parts ice and equal parts water and place yours eggs in that bowl. It will take the eggs about 5 to 7 minutes to cool down.

 It is essential that you are careful with the eggs as if they stay in the shell they stay protected from bacteria. Once the eggs have cooled down, you must wipe them properly making sure they are not wet at all so that they can last in the refrigerator for about a week or so. You should either place them in the tight container or in a plastic bag however a plastic bag can make them prone to breaking if not kept safely in the refrigerator.

How to store peeled hard-boiled eggs in the refrigerator?

If you have peeled the eggs and you still want to store them, then you can let them cool and then place them in a bowl with water to ensure that they stay fresh and do not lose moisture. However peeled eggs do not stay, even in the refrigerator for long therefore must be consumed within two to three days. 

How to tell if the stored hard-boiled egg is fresh or not?

A hard-boiled egg even if it is stored in the refrigerator should be consumed as soon as possible because it will not go a long way. It is not easy to smell and tell if an egg is fresh or not because suppose you smell the egg and there is a strong odor, chances are that is because of the gasses that a cooked egg produces. However there are certain steps that you can follow to check whether the egg is still fresh or not. 

1. Ask yourself whether the egg that you want check was stored in the refrigerator or not because if it was just lying around in your kitchen for more than 2 or maximum 3 hours, it is highly unlikely that it has not gone bad.

2. If it was stored in the refrigerator, the next thing to check is whether it has been there for more or less than 7 days. If it has been there for more than 7 days then the safe option is to throw it out because there is a high possibility that it has rotten. However if it has been less than 7 days then it is safe to heat and consume it. Although if you have a sensitive stomach it is advised to eat a hard-boiled egg fresh rather than the one that is stored in the refrigerator. 

3. The next thing that you should think about is whether you soaked the eggs in cold water and dried the eggs before you stored them in the refrigerator? If the answer to this question is yes then it is safe to consume those eggs within 7 days unless they they’re peeled because if they are, you should eat them within 2 to 3 days. If the answer to the above question is no and that you did not soak the eggs in water then, the best option is to discard them and not take risks as any rotten food including an egg can cause food poisoning. 

4. If the eggs were stored properly, soaked in cold water, then you must check if you stored them in the refrigerator within 2 to 3 hours of boiling because if they stayed out in room temperature there are very high chances that they went bad and should not be eaten. 

Is there any way to store hard-boiled eggs outside of the refrigerator?

Many people often wonder if a hard-boiled eggs need to be refrigerated? Can you leave a boiled egg out? Do you have to refrigerate hard-boiled eggs? Can hard-boiled eggs sit out? Some even wonder if hard boiled eggs can be left out overnight and how long can hard-boiled eggs stay unrefrigerated?

The answer to all these question is very simple which is that once you have boiled an egg even slightly it is better to consume it as soon as possible however if you really do need to store it then you should ensure that you make use of them in a few days even if they are stored in a refrigerator. 

You can store a few eggs every week so that you get a few steps ahead however storing too many hoping that they will last you for more than a week is not wise as even if you do consume them you are likely to get sick therefore the best thing to do is eat the eggs as soon as possible and besides the benefits of a fresh egg might not be the same as that of a stored egg however it is okay to do it sometimes.

Following the above procedure, you can store hard-boiled eggs in the refrigerator for up to 7 days however due to the moisture in the air that we breathe in, hard boiled eggs cannot be left out for longer than 2 to 3 hours and if you did leave them out for more time or overnight the best thing to do is to throw them out because consuming them will most likely make you sick. 


Eggs are one of those edibles that have to be consumed as soon as possible if they are hard-boiled no matter how good the conditions are where they are kept. They are naturally designed to go bad within a few days even if stored and refrigerated properly. There are times when you are busy and would like to be able to have food ready for breakfast or for snacks.

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