Best Mini Fridges For Kegerator

Best Mini Fridges For Kegerator


What if from nowhere this text strikes your message box “The weekend is going to be thrilling in your place. Can’t wait to have icy beer from your kegerator”, from your party gang. So, why not buy a mini-refrigerator before the guest demands a chilled beer.

Placing a mini-fridge for kegerator in your room, your party scene can any second be on. Doesn’t it sound great? I know this is pretty cool. And, you may not have discovered a compact kegerator fridge’s importance. The advantage point is, but, it says no to kitchen-beer-tour late at night.

Okay, your mind is now on-set to get the favorablerefrigerator of your desire. Have you, but, thought which one could work the utmost for you? Don’t despair, I was quite sure you have forgotten this key factor but guess what, I haven’t.

To ease you in selecting the best mini fridge for a kegerator, I have rendered these outstanding picks. Surely, you’ll find your perfect fit from these.


Whether you have a mini room, dorm, or a fixed corner is your little bar at home, RCA RFR320 is the best refrigerator for a kegerator. It can perfectly take in your kegerator in its 3.2 cubic feet inner space. This smartly build model has CFC free system and adjustable thermostat.

With a dimension of 20×18×32 inches, this gorgeous black fridge has a cooled compressor. It simply indicates, whatever the outer temperature is, it won’t affect your snacks, ice cream, or either kegerator. This fridge is designed with a reversible door, can be opened on either side. Overall, it is very clearly declared as the best mini-fridge for the kegerator.

  • Adjustable level feet
  • Embedded with compressor cooling
  • Reversible door, can be pulled on the left or the right side.
  • Affordable price tag
  • No specifics


The outlook of EdgeStar’s 1000SS is embellished with a sleek silver-colored appearance, making it appealing. It has a dimension of 32.7 HX, 17.5 W x 20.1 D. Internally, it has a circulation fan accompanied by a steel faucet. Also, it incredibly stores carbon dioxide.

The door of this model is reversible. On opening its door you’ll notice the flashing of the blue LED light. The cooling house of this fridge allows the carriage of 1/6 barrel of a kegerator. The feature, summing it as the best mini fridge for kegerator is it keeps the temperature lower to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. And the most amazing miracle here is it delivers icy chilled beer without even making it freeze.

  • Structured with lock for beer protection
  • Manageable handling
  • Presence of a digital thermostat
  • Non-compatibility with casters
  • Restraint for freestanding


This impressing countertop crafted beer dispenser is equipped with a carbon dioxide managing pressure system. It is organized with three cartridges. It occupies 19-21 hours to get you your desired cool beer.

It lowers the temperature of beer to 37-39 degrees Fahrenheit. With its automatic temperature managing technology, you can stay anxiety-free for your mini-refrigerator-pack. A 5L standard keg is happily accepted by this kegerator fridge. Additionally, it displays the internal temperature and has a three button manual functionality.

  • Adjust temperature automatically
  • Excess carbon dioxide cartridges for the future
  • Other beverages, juices, and liquids can be stored
  • Not much spacious
  • A bit noisy


Danby’s BA404484MBD-6 is a bonus for your midnight cravings and gatherings. The body of this sophisticated metallic designed fridge is rendered with a lock. It allows 4.4 cubic feet of storage and furnished glass shelves. The dimensions of this product are defined as 21.3 x 20.75 x 33.07 inches.

The beautifully carved black refrigerator for the kegerator has a reversible door opening. You can easily operate this model for the left or right-hand opening. The ergonomic handles of this mini-multi-tasking fridge have a rubber grip.

  • Easy cleaning and usage
  • Multifunctional fridge
  • Gorgeous black exterior and interior white light combination
  • Temperature management issues, sometimes


To add a new sense of elegance to the kegerator mini-fridges, Black&Decker has brought up its alluring white, silver, and black colored refrigerators. With a weight of 33.1 pounds, it has a compacted size of 17.5 L, 18.5 W, and 19.7 H.

The temperature controlling system of this mini-fridge makes it remarkable for your kegerator. The least temperature, this energy star fridge offers is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This modern square designed fridge agrees to fit in any packed space of your home bar or office cabin.

  • Get easily fit in compressed areas
  • Automatic temperature adjustment and removable glass shelves
  • Reversible door with recessed handles
  • Available in three classic shades
  • Noisy appliance


The stylish double-door Midea 3.1 is the best mini fridge for your kegerator. Other than rescuing beer, it can also keep your additional food items in it. With the super-duper two separate compartments of this unique fridge, its temperature also varies inside both doors. The upper shelves enjoy the cool environment of 5-11 degrees Fahrenheit while inside the downward door the temperature is maintained between 32-50 degrees Fahrenheit.

This versatile product has an expansion size of 18.50 x 19.37x 32.95. On the inner side, it has a large vacant room of 3.1 cubic feet. It is built-in with glass shelves and a powerful LED light.

  • Beautiful outlook and reversible door
  • Hassle-free cleaning option
  • Plenty of space
  • Worthy for storing multiple items
  • Zero noise disturbance
  • Quite large in size if considered for kegerators only


The EdgeStar Mini fridge is the most compatible kegerator holding product, a refrigerator for kegerator conversion. It reserves a regular kegerator of full-size. This fridge has a dimension offer of 35 H x 20 W x 26 1/2 D.

This delicate EdgeStar production possesses a variable temperature. From the very low 30s to the last degree of 40s, its temperature is interchangeable. This product justifies the tag of the best kegerator fridge for its high performance.

  • Protective plate on the floor
  • Door can be opened on any adjacent side
  • Able to convert in the normal home refrigerator
  • UL certified
  • Says no to Coors, millers, or oversized kegs


Nostalgia KRS2100 5.1 cubic foot full-size kegerator compliments to the requirement of numerous sized kegs. It serves a huge support system to your 1/2-1/6 barrel efficiently. This mini fridge has a beer top tower. With a 13-inch wide chrome, “D” shaped crowned beer station allows you easy dispensing. Besides, it has a spring-loaded tap.

A double meter regulator and the tank for carbon dioxide filling exists in this fridge’s system. The drip tray of stainless steel with a grand wire on the shelf is also a plus point of this kegerator fridge.

  • Impressive beer tower
  • Balances temperature automatically
  • Allowance of mobility due to casters
  • Not found yet


This model of Kegco, K309SS-124 digital kegerator has a temperature demonstrating facility. It cast the internal temperature on its digital meter presented outside. This mini refrigerator is occupied with a chrome guardrail, drip tray, and direct dispense system.

It is a dispenser with fan-forced cooling.  And, this only features support the fridge to obtain the lowest temperatures in the 30s. In this amazing fridge, you can retain Miller, Coors, and Rubber kegs of full sizes.

  • Embedded with two faucets
  • Attractive and modernized styling
  • Enough storage capacity
  • Advanced cooling technology
  • No registered complain or fault found


This Stainless steel glossy mini fridge can be named as an appealing-beer-container, no doubt. Nostalgia has given beauty preference while designing this mini bar fridge. It is compatible to hold your standard 5 liters (pasteurized/non pasteurized) kegs.

It can set up a temperature of your fridge between 36-53 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a specified dimension of 19.2 x 18.4 x 13.5 inches. With this cooling machine, you can have your deeply chilled beer within 24 hours. The dispenser tap in this appliance is installed in such a way that eases your beer-pouring-process.

  • Contain reusable growler
  • Three carbon dioxide cartridges included
  • Removable drip tray
  • Enables effortless dispensing
  • Quiet compressor
  • Difficult CO2 management
  • Takes up to 24 hours or more to make your beer icy.



It is so obvious that all these products have a matchless identity. It is, but, crucial to deem certain features while purchasing a brand new refrigerator. The listed specifications will help you to choose a beer draft dispenser with the utmost output.


Whether the opening of a door or dispensing the beer in your crystal glass, the appliance should promote easy dealings. The door of the mini-fridge must allows you both horizontal side openings. It is necessary because, if the door is adjustable to every side, your fridge placing options will be increased.

You will of course need an easy dispensing tap. It is the only way that you will be served with your glass of beer. So, an effortless beer delivering tap is also of high importance.


If you want a fridge for a kegerator, all you are looking for an appliance with automatic thermostat technology. This system doesn’t get affected by the external temperature. An adequate fridge is always installed with an automatic temperature dealing process. This option will also make you worry-free for your keg inside the fridge.

A digital dial on the door of the mini refrigerator can also be advantageous. It will because, timely, denote you the internal temperatures. Also, it will grant you first-hand information on how well your fridge is working.


When browsing for the best kegerator fridge, the size sufficiently matters. You get to buy a refrigerator to have excess stock of beer. Above all, but your necessity is a fridge with low-consumption-area.

Getting into troublesome situations like fixation of your fridge after buying it, it is a hundred times better to figure its size earlier. What if you bought it and your fridge varies in inches from your desired spot? Won’t you be disappointed? You might get upset. That is why keeping an eye on the fridge’s size is an excellent option.


Not every fridge has got to promise the freshness of beer for equal days. Every machinery has its specification and has a difference in the life they provide your beer.

You, maybe, throwing a party after a month and your fridge can keep your beer fresh for just a fortnight. Wouldn’t it be a mismatch of your demand? Yeah, right it is a sort of. So, be assured of how much time your fridge can give up a life to your favorite flavored beer.


Everything stays fresh, unique, and clean until you keep it. This aspect also relies on how simple and manageable tidying ways the product offers. You can only keep your fridge lifelong if it gets neat abruptly.

Place your concern to buy a fridge with removable trays, and has mobility. This will benefit you in clearing the overflown-beer-dirt easily. Moreover, its mobility will allow you to turn it and clean it from the backside.


Certification is awarded to every product with high efficiency. The same case applies to a mini-fridge for beer. A fridge with the stamping of an authoritative organization is the best. It has, because, fulfilled the requirements and has passed tests and trials so approved.

It is, therefore, mandatory to check if your product is mentioned with a certificate. A refrigerator labeled with an approval certificate is worth paying for.


While buying a mini-fridge for kegs you always have some doubts and queries. To make sure you get all your answers and a clear view of decent products before buying it, I have formulated this section. Here, you’ll get sufficient facts and sorted answers to questions commonly raised about the little kegerator fridges.

Q. Can you modify a mini-fridge into a kegerator?

A. This is an era of shortcuts and everybody is searching for money-saving hacks. Regarding this interest, you mostly have a query about converting your already present mini fridge into a kegerator. It is noticeable that your mini-fridge is a multitasker, food as well as a kegerator storage box. So, you can anytime convert it into a refrigerator for a kegerator.

If you have purchased an upgraded and new mini-fridge for the kegerator, you can still use it for both purposes(food as well as kegs). For this conversion, you simply need to take off your glass shelves from the fridge. And, look at how easily your mini-fridge works as a kegerator storehouse.

Q. Which size of a fridge is appropriate for a kegerator?

A. When you are suddenly clicked with the idea, what size is favorable for my kegerator, expect to count on these two factors. Firstly, compare the size of your refrigerator with the kegerator. It is vital because your mini-fridge will be of no use if your kegerator does not gets perfectly fit inside.

The second preference goes to the area where you are planning to keep your refrigerator. Measure the length and height of your bar corner, dorm, or even the room before just selecting a mini-fridge randomly. Cross check that if both(the place and fridge) are falling in the same measurement criteria or not.

Q. For how much time a beer can survive in a kegerator fridge?

A. A beer’s survival conditions differ from the other and so does the time. It totally depends on how compatible your fridge is. Every kegerator fridge consents its own time in which the beer will remain fresh.

Some fridges can store the beer for two months or more. Others, however, dulls the taste of beer just within two weeks. For avoiding any mishappening with your beer in the keg, choose your fridge wisely.

Q. Is it really worth to pay for an additional refrigerator, just for the kegerator?

A. Let’s take the support of some math to provide you a satisfying answer. “A general calculation reveals that seventy-two beers are consumed every two months by a person. If you have bought a kegerator instead of every day’s beer, it means you have conserved $50 within two months. Now, comes the amazing part, the saving of your eight months beer is almost $200, which is the cost of a standard kegerator fridge”.

By investing these pennies in your mini-refrigerator you are obviously not at a loss. Within a year, your expense will be balanced. What more? You’ll get to have a cold beer in your chilling time by purchasing any of these fridges. Cheers dear, you have a terrific deal!

Q. Does a mini-refrigerator uses electricity a lot?

A. You might have confusion about electricity consumption units of the little version of the refrigerator. As it varies in size from a jumbo or regular-sized fridge, its electrical units also differ. Besides, there is an apparent difference in unit values of automatic versus manual fridge.

The per year consumption of energy units of a compact refrigerator is 239.42 kilowatt-hour for manual defrost. For a partial and automatic fridge, however, the units expanded are 318.4 kilowatt-hours in a year. This is a basic ratio for a refrigerator ranging from 1.7-4.4 cubic feet.

Q. Where shouldn’t you place your mini kegerator fridge?

A. There is no restriction of places to keep your mini kegerator fridge. Find any suitable, compacted area and position your fridge there. Certain wrong placement, however, can damage your fridge and surrounding space as well. So, it is recommended to restrain your fridge away from them.

Try to maintain a safe distance of your beer fridge from the heat source including sunlight, cookers, etc. Also, to protect it from any denting, it should be at least a slight apart from other elements. By following these conditions you are ultimately lending a long-life to your small fridge.

Q. Which is the best mini fridge for a kegerator?

A. There is no explicit category which marks a refrigerator as the best. This is an ongoing competition where each brand comes with something new, advanced, and extraordinary. The results are therefore fluctuating every time a new model is introduced in the market.

Based on features, performance and consumers review, however, I consider Nostalgia KRS2100 kegerator draft size dispenser as the best mini fridge for a kegerator. Also, RCA RFR320 mini refrigerator is in the game with no cons yet. These two products are the remarkable kegerator keeper and serve the maximum expectations.

Although, these are mini-fridges but carry maximum deliverables. You, however, cannot opt for each of these. It is therefore important to pay for a piece that conforms to your requirement. Carefully, check every characteristic you are seeking and then swap it. Wish you have a happy episode of beer session with your buddies soon.


In all the mentioned kegerator fridges overhead, which one do you consider as the best mini-fridge for kegerator? Also, what are the main features that you look for when buying this appliance? I am desperately waiting for your answer in the comment section and will appreciate your participation in it.

This was a detailed guide to help you in buying the best mini fridge for your kegerator. The above mentioned all ten mini-fridges are quality checked, efficient worker, and top featured products. They all stand on the exact criteria to serve as a beer fridge.

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