Best Griddle Pan for Pancakes

Best Griddle Pan for Pancakes Buying Guide


Nothing can be more satisfying and exciting than having pancakes for breakfast! A perfect start-up for the day. Making perfect pancakes is an art. Either its Monday or Sunday, everybody loves to have pancakes for breakfast. If you ever had tried making pancakes, then you must have experienced that sometimes the pancakes stick on the pan. Why?

No matter how much video and recipes you Google in search of the best pancakes, if you are lacking the best pan, then your all struggle is useless. So what to do now? How to get the perfect pancake in the morning/ evening? Well, first of all, change your pan with the best griddle pan for pancakes.

Griddle pans are the best for making the perfect pancake. So if you want to enjoy a healthy and yummy breakfast/ evening snacks, then get a griddle pan today.

Top 12 Best Griddle Pan for Pancakes

To taste the feel of a luxurious and healthy pancake, you need to have a griddle pan. We know that in the wide variety of pans, it is really hard to select out one. But as our main aim goal is to make your life relaxed and informational, we are here. After having a complete tour at the market, we have selected the top 12 best griddle pan for pancakes.

All these 12 griddle pans are the best in their shoes. Within a reasonable price range, these pancakes provide good performance. Make sure to select the best out of the 12.

1. CUISINART Double Burner Griddle Pan: Our Pick

Versatile body style, attractive color, and light in weight, CUISINART double burner has ranked as the 1st griddle pan on our list. Talking about CUISINART, it is the leading brand in the pan-industry. Every of its product is winning the hearts of its users.

This double burner griddle pan has a nonstick body and weighs only 4 pounds. Its Triple-ply body design provides proper heat conductivity. For safe and comfortable handling, the handle of this griddle pan stays cool on the stovetop.

To supply heat properly to each corner of the pan, there is specialized heat distribution. The body material is stainless steel, which will prevent corrosion formation and will long-last.

  • Safe for dishwasher
  • Heat conductivity up to 500 degrees
  • Secure handles
  • Triple-ply design
  • Even heat distribution
  • Not such cons found

2. Calphalon Hard-Anodized Griddle Pan: Best Square Griddle Pan

Calphalon is the runner-up on our list of the best griddle pan for pancakes. This remarkably affordable and classy pan is everyone’s apple of an eye. The most eye-catching feature of this pan is its safe handles. The handles are specially designed to protect the hands from burning.

Its aluminum body makes its lifetime longer and durable. Either you want to make pancakes on the stove or oven; this Calphalon’s pancake pan can be used on both safely. The nonstick pan surface allows you to cook safer and healthier.

Along with these features, the Caphalon provides a lifetime warranty when purchased from an authentic retailer. What you can ask more? All these amazing features are available at a reasonable price.

  • Safe and comfortable handles
  • Nonstick pan surface
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Safe for oven use
  • Sometimes overflow due to flat edges
  • Using metal utensils are not recommended

3. Nordic Ware Smiley Face Griddle Pan: Best Non-stick Griddles

Third, the number is Nordic Ware’s smiley face griddle pan. If you are having kids, then this griddle pan is perfect for them. Nordic takes care of every small detail. They understand how difficult it is to feed the kids. To end this issue, they manufacture this griddle pan so that they can eat happy and healthier.

This griddle pan is safe to use and easy to clean. The non-stick body surface allows you to cook healthy with low consumption of fat. This Nordic pan is the best non-stick griddle pan. The exterior heat reflective of this griddle pan provides even browning. 

This griddle pan is very light in weight, only 1.61 pounds. From the body size to the material composition, everything is up to the requirement.

  • Affordable price tag
  • 7 fun smiley molds
  • Non-stick surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Difficult to extract the pancake out of the mold

4. Presto Electric Griddle Pan: Electric Pancake Griddle Pan

To fulfill the requirement of the modern era, Presto has manufactured electric griddle pans. These pans are the best in the business. They support a voltage of 120 volts and 1500 watts. The most eye-catching feature of this electric griddle pan is that its handles are heat-proof and can be removed as per need.

Other out-class features of this electric pan are that its surface is non-stick that requires less oil, and is convenient in cleaning. The heavy cast aluminum is warp-proof and weighs 6.5 pounds. To feed a whole family at a single time, this griddle pan can cook up to 10 normal size pancakes. 

Not only for pancakes but also meats and other stuff, this griddle pan is perfect. Its Tilt Drain feature makes it very convenient to extract the extra grease.

  • Large cooking surface
  • Easy drain out system
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable handles
  • Affordable price range
  • Not recommended for dishwasher use

5. Lodge Cast Iron Griddle Pan: Best Griddle for Pancakes

The fifth in the series of best griddle pan for pancakes is Lodge Cast Iron Single Burner Griddle Pan. Talking about its performance, the Lodge iron griddle pan is a rock start in performance. From its size to its material composition to its heat capacity, everything is up to class.

The reversible cast iron grill gives a proper browning to each side. This griddle pan is useful for both, indoor and outdoor cooking. The easy to grip corner handles provides a comfortable grip and can also be used for hanging purpose when the pan it not used.

The size of the griddle pan is enough to cook five average size pancakes. The most amazing thing about this griddle pan is that it is very convenient to clean. You only need to wash it, that’s it.

  • Super easy to clean
  • Safe corner handle grips
  • Average in size
  • Not recommended to use with metallic tools

6. Le Creuset Enameled Rectangular Pan: Best Pancake Griddle

Till now, we have reviewed five griddle pans and every pan is best at what they are. Here, the sixth pan on our list of best griddle pan for pancakes is the Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron pan. This model of Le Creuset is a masterpiece itself.

Its rectangular body surface increases its surface area and makes it able to cook up to 10 average size pancakes. The even heat distribution cooks every pancake perfectly. Le Creuset enameled label is durable. 

For a better cooking experience and safety, there are two strong iron handles are present for a steadfast grip. With all these astounding features, what you can ask more? The price tag of this griddle pan is also very reasonable.

  • Strong Handles for a steady grip
  • Balanced heat distribution
  • Large cooking area
  • Material composition is just okay

7. CUISINART Griddle Pan: Best in the Business

This model of Cuisinart is the finest piece that Cuisinart has manufactured. This is an electric griddle pan, which has six cooking modes. Either you want to cook pancakes, pork, meat, or even chicken, this pan is the best option you can have.

The six cooking modes present in this pan are half grill, full grill, half griddle, full griddle, top melt, and Panini press. The weight of this electric pan is 16.84 pounds. This versatile electric pan has every feature that you are looking for.

To provide convenience to the user, this griddle electric pan is easy to clean you just need to wipe it out, and that’s it. This electric griddle pan deserves to be on the list of best griddle pan for pancakes.

  • Super convenient to clean
  • Six modes of cooking
  • Not suitable for dishwasher use
  • Heavy

8. Presto Pan-Gogh Art Griddle Pan: Electric Pan

If you are an art lover and loves to put creativity in everything, then this Presto Pan-Gogh is the ideal option for you. This is an electric griddle pan. The best thing about this griddle pan is that it comes with four batter bottle for free creativity.

The non-stick surface is perfect for non-sticking cooking. For better protection of the hands, the pan is surrounded by a four-sided cover. Not only for pancakes, but you can also use this electric griddle pan eggs and French toast cooking.

  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with four art bottles
  • Protective four-sided cover
  • Double-sided non-stick template
  • Not suitable for dishwasher

9. Calphalon Signature Griddle Pan: Best Stovetop Griddle

Calphalon is here for the second time on our list. This griddle pan of Calphalon is the signature model. Its size, material composition, and heat conductivity are up to the customer’s demand. 

This 12 inches griddle pan is of stainless steel. The stainless steel increases its lifetime and also prevents it from corrosion formation. Along with the stainless steel, this pan is crafted with heavy-gauge hard-anodized aluminum for durability. The stainless steel brushed handle stays cool while you cook on the stovetop.

The non-stick surface cooks healthy and less fatty pancakes. The best thing about this griddle pan is that no matter which metallic utensil you use, the non-stick surface will not scratch. 

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can be used with any metallic utensils
  • Easy to clean
  • High-quality non-stick surface
  • Large in size
  • Oven safe
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Sometimes the handle warm-up

10. CUISINART 5-in-1 Grill Griddle Pan: Multi-tasking Pan

This Cuisinart griddle pan is a multi-functional pan. The most amazing feature of this pan is that it can be used for waffle cooking as well. This is a countertop machine, having a non-stick surface, and is dishwasher safe.

You can adjust the temperature as per your requirement with the adjustable temperature controller. To maintain the thickness of the batter, the hinged covers are present. This griddle has many modes of cooking like a half grill, full grill, half griddle, full griddle, Panini press, and waggle maker. 

  • Up to six cooking mode
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable temperature controller
  • Handle warm up found

11. Dash Everyday Nonstick Griddle Pan: Best Non-stick Pan

What can be more amazing than having an electric non-stick pan which is easy to clean and a rock star in performance? This dash everyday non-stick pan is convenient to cook eggs, meat, and pancakes. It has a deep tray to seize extra grease.

Its large size makes it ideal for family size. The heat distribution of this electric griddle pan is proper, means it brown every pancake evenly.

  • Anti-slip feet
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-stick surface with even heat distribution
  • All non-electric parts are easy to clean
  • No handles for support

12. Lodge Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Pan: Last Piece

This is the last piece on our list of best griddle pan for pancakes. It may seem like an ordinary pan, but believe it; it comprises all the features of the best griddle pan.

Large in size (10.5 inches) and ready to use upon purchase. This non-stick pan can cook up to eight average size pancakes at a time. Safe for oven use and is made up of cast iron. The cast iron material increases its strength and durability.

  • Oven and dishwasher safe
  • Large in size
  • Handle warm-up issues

How to Select the Best Griddle Pan

Buying Guide

For the sake of healthy and yummy pancakes, you have to find the best griddle pan for pancakes. All twelve mentioned pans are the best in the game. However, you still need to know a few things before you make your ultimate decision.

The provided pan griddle reviews will surely help in selecting the product. Here in this buying guide, we will share with you the important side that you need to consider while purchasing the griddle pan. So, take out your notes, and write down the following main features.

1. Edges

You may want to find a griddle pan with high edges, but believe us, it will be useless. Griddle pans with low edges are ideal for pancakes cooking. The high edges of pans cause a problem in flipping the pancakes. They result in breaking or splitting the pancakes.

While on the other hand, the low edges of the pan are smooth in using the spatulas or other utensils. If you are plotting to cook plan meat or bacon, then consider a griddle pan with enough edges so that you can avoid the flowing batter everywhere.

2. Non-stick Surface

After the invention of non-stick wares, the issues of people regarding sticking food on the pan has completely ended. No doubt, these non-stick wares are such a blessing. Now when it comes to purchasing the best griddle pan for pancakes, so how’s that possible that we can ignore the non-stick surface?

Griddle pans with a non-stick surface are a must thing. They will not only allow you to cook perfect shaped and well-cooked pancakes but also will save your time from cleaning the stinking pan’s surface. Food cooked on non-stick ware is healthier than those of ordinary pans.

3. Handle Grip

For better handling of the pan and cooking, handle are necessary. It is an obvious fact that the handle can warm up during cooking and can burn the hands. To save the user’s hand and for more careful handling, the handle should be heat resistant.

Along with heat resistance, the handle should be strong enough to bear the pan’s weight. Imagine how embarrassing it would be if the handle remains in your hands, and the pan falls on the ground! All mess.

4. Size

Regarding the size of the pan, the good rule of thumbs says that the larger will be the size, the more pancakes can be cooked at a time. The foremost important benefit of having a large size pan is that if you have any feast or gathering in the evening, so can easily cook up to 10 pancakes together.

Accompanying the pancakes, you can also cook other things like meat. So if you have a large size pan, then it will be very convenient for you.

5. Heat Distribution 

Sometimes it does happen that a few pancakes cook well while the others remain uncooked. It is due to the uneven heat distribution of the heat. This is a common issue of most of the pans. As you can understand that it would not look nice if a few pancakes were cooked while others remain the same.

To end this issue and to enjoy all well-cooked pancakes, you need to select a griddle pan that supplies even heat distribution. Most of the griddle pans mentioned on our list have proper heat distribution. 

6. Cleaning Feature

Don’t select any griddle pan that consumes hours and hours to clean is a mess. The good rule of thumb says that always find convenience in everything. Don’t select or purchase anything which requires stamina in cleaning or using it.

The best griddle pan should be easy to clean and a rock star in the performance. 

Our Choice

As after every race, only one claim as the winner, here also we have selected not one but two winners. Well, it was literally hard to select the best out of the twelve best griddle pan for pancakes, but according to the good rule of thumb, one deserves to win the race.

Here in this race, the two winners are

  • CUISINART Double Burner Griddle Pan
  • Nordic Ware Smiley Face Griddle Pan

These two Pan comprise all the features that the best pan should have. From their size to their weight to their heat conductivity, everything is up to the requirement. Choosing anyone pan from these two pans will be a wise decision.


Only the right pancake griddle pan can help you in making the best pancake that everyone enjoys. There is no such hard and, the fast rule applies in finding the best griddle pan. All you need to do is to make sure that you are selecting the best quality product.

Do follow the main factors that are mentioned in the buying guide. The only reason to write buying guides is to help you in making the right decision. Do consider the size, heat conductivity, nonstick, and other features at the time of purchasing. Try to find the best griddle pan for pancakes within your budget range.

No doubt that now, at the end of this article, your mouth must be full of water, then waiting for what? Don’t waste your precious time anywhere, and grab the best pan for pancakes. And don’t forget to make delicious pancakes every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to have a griddle pan for a pancake?

Honestly, speaking yes! Griddle pans have a better heat controlling system and provide better performance. The griddle pans are more durable and strong, perfect for pancakes. 

High-edges or low-edges, which one is better?

The high-edges pan is not suitable for pancake cooking because they cause an issue in flipping the pancakes and result in the wreckage of the pancake. While the low-edges pan is perfect for pancakes and is convenient in flipping the pancakes.

Which one is the best griddle pan for pancakes?

We reviewed a total of twelve griddle pans. Each of them is the best in their shoes. But in our opinion, the pans which are the best are Cuisinart double burner griddle pan and Nordic Ware Smiley Face Griddle pan. These two pans are the best in the game. If you are thinking about these two, then don’t think and have one!

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