Top 12 Best Food Scales for Bodybuilding In [2022]

Are you a fan of eating who’s having a hard time understanding the science behind the food? Or you might be interested in keeping a record of what they’re eating. If yes, then you are in the right place

Other than health professionals, more and more people are getting involved in nutritional sciences. Not everyone has the means to get assessed by a dietitian or nutritionist. That’s exactly why we need a digital scale to do a job. All you have to do is put the tested food substance on in and the machine does the job.

Below I will prepare a list of the best food scales for bodybuilding. Scroll down below to have a detailed look at the food scales trending in the market.

1. Wasserstein Digital Nutrition Scale

The first food scale on our list is this nutrient calculator from Wasserstein. Small and sleek in design, place it wherever you want. That’s not an issue. After all, storage should never come in way of a healthy diet.

A nutrition scale, as the name suggests, will let you know a-to-z about the nutrient content and amount present.  With several scales available, each works differently and has its limits.  This specific scale comes with over 999 codes in its manual. 

A beautiful color combination with a sleek and edgy design adds to its uniqueness. With an overall black theme, weighing food bodybuilding has an onyx tempered glass used at its top. As such equipment can’t afford any mistake, its top comes equipped with multiple sensors. This is done to give you spot-on values with precision and accuracy.

Working with this system is very. All you are going to do is put the food on the tempered glass. Feed in the code according to the type of food and that’s it. In less than a minute, it will not only calculate the nutrient content but also store the value as well. With its memory function, it is possible. Now, whatever the food is, you just bam the buttons and that’s it.

  • Supports Unit Conversions
  • Bright LCD Screen
  • Code list needs an improvement

2. AmazonBasics Body Weight Scale 

Amazon Basics Body Weight Scale

For bodybuilders and people who’re dieting, this unit is wonderful.  As in such cases, you’re bound to eat only a specific number of calories. It’s very important to keep track of calorie content and quality. This unit will make you experienced in this. After all, at some point, everyone becomes a nutritionist.

Being a digital unit, it has a backlit display and sensor technology. This enables it to do swift weight calculations and displays the values instantly.

Sophisticated design and modern look add to its professional look. The overall construction is based on tempered glass and plastic components. The process to determine a quality food scale is very easy. You just have to weigh in a substance and it’ll let you know the nutrition. 

Therefore, for accurate weighing, Amazon has a SENSE ON technology installed in the unit. With its 4 high-precision smart sensors, it can explore the nutritional values of food weighing as less as 2g. In terms of maximum weight, the value is up to 11 pounds. This weight limit is also enough for the majority of foods consumed by an individual.

Just make sure that you are making full use of its tare button. By using this button, the weight of the item used for keeping the food is gotten rid of. As a result, the food is accurately measured by just pressing a button.

  • Works on 2AAA batteries
  • Smooth surface with easy cleaning
  • Requires 2g of weight to measure

3. GreaterGoods Nourish Digital Kitchen Food Scale

GreaterGoods Nourish Digital Kitchen Food Scale

Know what you’re are eating. In this case, it’s the number of calories that make up that particular food. Greatergoods have created several digital scales with this one being no exception. That’s what makes it a great pick.

Using stainless steel in its construction, the scale has tempered glass on its top. Over four precision weighing sensors are installed, to measure the food. This makes the food scale so flexible that it can measure weight up to 0.1 ounces/1 grams. At the same time, a total of 5kgs/11lb weight can be withstood by the surface.

With its sleek glass surface, on the right side is the nutrition scale. Operated on a button mechanism, one click and registers the number. It’s that sensitive and responsive. With its zero function, you can take out the weight of the glass or cup you are measuring the food in.

Involving food products, they can often get oily and dirty. But worry not as it is super-duper and easy to clean. The food scale bodybuilding allows you to play around with the scales by incorporating grams, pounds, and ounces all in one. Now keep all your diet portions under check.

The system is battery operated and comes with three AAA batteries. Other than that, stay rest assured as its non-slip, scratch-resistant feet grip the floor or shelf surface.

  • Accurate and Precise Values
  • Professional Look
  • Unit changing can be tricky

4. EatSmart ESKS-01 Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale

EatSmart ESKS-01 Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale

EatSmart is amongst the best digital scale manufacturers and this product is living proof of that. Small size, modern looks, and multifunctional performance- the precision pro is a product not to be slept on.

Although there are several good scales available out in the market, we need a great product. Like this one, that can deliver exceptional performance with a small price tag. As a result, everybody gets a chance to be the healthiest version of themselves.

You don’t have to be a professional to use this tool. But it’s guaranteed that while using it, you’ll surely feel a pro.  Just study a little on the daily nutrient requirements and you are good to go. What you need to do is determine your daily caloric and how much you need to cut down.

 After all, an all-around diet is better than a good diet. Therefore, make sure you get to eat all types of foods in your diet.

It works on a pair of AAA batteries that come along with the scale. With graduation of 0.05 oz/1 gram, it supports a maximum weight of 11 lbs. An absolute need- the tare button is present in the unit along with a 3-minute automatic shut-off.

  • High-Resolution LCD Screen
  • Free EatSmart Calorie Factors Book Included
  • When you lift the food, the weight reading disappears

5. TORREY LEQ 10/20 High Precision Digital Portion Control Scale

TORREY LEQ 10/20 High Precision Digital Portion Control Scale

Portion control is the most effective way to stay healthy without doing anything risky. Often people go into severe dieting thinking it will help them lose the fat, but that’s another story. The portion for bodybuilders is different from our regular diet.

Therefore, the LEQ is designed to individually help out every person. Digital in its performance, weight, and nutritional figures are accurate and correct. Further, it swiftly transitions to and from different units. Units include kilograms, pounds, and ounces.

Constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel, it is solid and durable. made from the same material, its platform is large and easy to clean. Usually, such scales are battery-operated.  This one comes with a 100-hour rechargeable battery making it super portable. Other than that, a 110V power supply is also supported by the unit.

The bodybuilding food scales come with a backlit LCD screen. As a result, you can now read the screen easily even in dull lighted areas. The function of tare is always present in scales, to get rid of any extra work and ease the digital process. Who on earth has the time to do it all over and over again? That too physically. So, make the most out of this convenient unit.

  • Durable and Solid Body
  • Wide Weighing Platform
  • Unit is Priced Expensively

6. Taylor Slim Glass Top Nutritional Scale

This beauty in red is what every household need. Sporting a very graceful and sleek design, this unit has everything a nutrition scale should have. Use it as a regular weight scale or a nutrition scale. No matter how you use it, you are bound to get good quality results. 

Eating is not only just to fulfill your body’s requirements, but it also gives a sense of happiness and joy.  But while trying to be happy, often people shift their lifestyle toward an unhealthy one. Therefore, an ordinary man needs something that takes minutes and gives you detailed nutrient information.

Taylor is here to get all your needs sorted in one place. With over 900 food codes in its directory, almost every food item gets covered in it. With a slim and stylish platform, the weight sensors will enable you to measure food up to 11 pounds/ 5 kgs.

This best digital food scale bodybuilding comes with a built-in tare option that helps you get rid of unnecessary weight. You don’t need an electric connection to run this system. With just using AAA batteries in it. It can run for quite a long time and will notify you whenever the battery is running low.

  • Affordable Price Tag
  • Easy to Store
  • Code Directory need an upgrade

7. IDAODAN Smart Food Scale with Perfect Portions Nutritional Facts Display

ID IDAODAN Smart Food Scale with Portions Nutritional Facts Display, Food Scales Digital Weight Grams and OZ,Food Digital Nutrition Calculator

If you are someone who wants to keep his portions under control or someone who needs a proper nutrient diet to build his muscles. Whatever the case is, you need something smart. A device that can do it all in seconds.

Before I tell you how the nutrient calculation is done, it’s important to know how much food you can get a reading. In this case, it is 11lb or 5kgs weight that can be borne by this system. Solid or liquid, it has every standard unit included. These are Grams, Ounces, Pounds, Milliliters, and Fluid Ounces.

It rocks as a weight scale but as a nutritional scale, it is wonderful. You don’t need any other app to calculate the data for you. it is very much capable of its own. By determining the fat, calorie sodium, etc. intakes, you can develop a customized portion diet for your own.

This is done by placing the food on its black onyx surface, inserting it, and voila! We’re done. The screen is sleek in appearance and made from tempered glass. Moreover, the device uses very touch-sensitive buttons for that entry.

Other than that, it is very portable and can easily be stored in your house.

  • Effortless Cleaning
  • Compact Body
  • On/Off Buttons troubled some people

8. Etekcity Smart Nutrition Food Scale

Etekcity Smart Food Nutrition Scale, Digital Grams and Ounces for Weight Loss, Baking, Cooking, Keto and Meal Prep, Large, Stainless Steel

Just like this smart unit, you should also eat smart. Our health and wealth depend on the quality of the food we take in. Though the quantity of food matters a lot, it’s in fact what’s in the food that does the job.

The food quantity can be measured with your regular weight scale. But for those energy-giving materials, you need bodybuilding scales. This particular unit is great for both households and professionals. If you are into dieting or bodybuilding, give it a try.

Anything that falls between 3 g to 5000 g can be studied in this system. Silver in color, with a geometry box-like, Etekcity can cover a total of 12 nutrient facts. It covers all macro and micronutrients like total fats, total carbs, iron, calcium, etc. Made from stainless steel with 4 sensors in it, it also has anti-skid padding. that keeps the unit fixed on the surface. 

Investment in health is the biggest investment. The eternity smart scale can easily get synced with specified fitness apps. You may connect it with your cellphone using its Smart Bluetooth and monitor your diet and nutrient portions.  It allows measurements in oz/lb, g/ml for milk and water, and shuts down automatically after 120 seconds.

  • Light and Aesthetic Looks
  • Backlit Screen
  • Software works averagely

9. AmazonBasics Digital Body Weight Scale 

Amazon Basics Digital Body Weight Scale with Auto On/Off Function, Grey

A physical look is enough to give you an idea of the food portion, but what about its calories? After all, extra and unwanted calories are what you need to avoid. In such cases, having a weight scale becomes the need of the hour; a digital one is even better. 

A bit different from the previous one, AmazonBasics is 3.11 pounds. It is solid, durable, and lightweight.

Its compact body and design allow it to have multiple storage options. You may place it on your kitchen shelf all day, or in a kitchen closet, or pack it up in your culinary cabinet. Its longevity is what makes it grand.

The digital scale has a minimalistic yet sophisticated feel to it. after all, its tempered glass and plastic body is made to give off that look. Used for measuring your body weight, it has a back-lit display as well. That makes it flexible and easy to adapt. The battery-operated unit shuts down automatically to save its power.

Other features include its 396-pound weight capacity and smart sensors. Not only this, it can calculate your BMI as well. Forget the gym equipment. You got your assistant here. Hop on the machine and it’ll let you know which area to work on and which areas need a tone down.

  • Calculates Body Mass Index
  • Multiple Storage Options
  • The body is kinda flimsy

10. Gourmia GKS9190 Nutrition Scale Tempered Glass Kitchen Scale 

Gourmia GKS9110 Nutrition Scale Tempered Glass Kitchen Scale with Calorie Counter & Digital Touchscreen Display 5kg

With more and more people adopting healthy eating practices, advancement in the nutritional scales is observed.  Some have developed digitally advanced software while some have improved their connections and hardware.

This scale termed a diet scale or nutrition calculator is one of the bests in town. A digital touch display is incorporated in the unit which measures up to 11lbs/5kgs of food.

In its constructions, a beautiful and exquisite tempered glass platform is used. 4mm in

thickness, it has a high-precision strain gauge sensor system installed in it.

Though it’s very gracefully constructed, it all gets down to its scales. Be the food solid or liquid, in grams or ounces- it can calculate it all. A multiple conversion unit is supported by this unit. These are grams, ounces, pounds, millimeters, and fluid ounces.

Quickly detect the goodness hidden in the food items with its extensive food directory. Check the code from the food category, type it in the digital scale, and boom! You’ll then complete information about that particular food product.

We’re not done yet.  The best food scale bodybuilding also comes up with Manual Auto-Off Timer, Commercial Tare Function, Low Battery, and Overload Indicators. Apart from this, a large LCD screen is easy to spot. An extensive database covers the major of the dietary products available in the market, so that’s a relief as well.

  • Smart and Responsive Scale
  • Precise Readings
  • Codebook should come in alphabetic order

11. Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale

Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale (Silver)

For example, you are a bodybuilder or an athlete and you have to consume 3000 Max calories in a day. How will you determine which foods to take in which quantity? You need something compact and unique, that can determine the individual nutrient content of each food for you. that too digitally with varying weights.

In short, you need a Kitrics scale. This silver-colored beauty is here to solve your problem. From total calories to fats and carbs and protein and all other basic nutrients are calculated by this system in an instant.

With a mix of calculator and weighing scale in its design, the unit is a breeze of fresh air for diet-conscious people. The system runs on two AAA batteries that come with the packaged unit. Other than that, a data registry of about 1999 foods is supported by the system. Isn’t that a huge variety? That will hopefully cover a major part of your diet.

We are not done yet. The unit is super accurate with an accuracy of +/- 1 gram. In one turn, about 72 ounces of food can be examined by this unit. In grams that becomes around 2000.

Overall, the unit is a strong and premium option for every household.

Try and experiment around with your diet and you’ll find the best one for you.

  • Auto-power Off Software
  • Stainless-steel Washable Platform
  • A backlit screen is missing in the unit

12. EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale 

EatSmart Digital Nutrition Food Scale with Professional Food and Nutrient Calculator

Eat healthily, Eat Smart. It’s undeniable how good eating the right food and quantity is for the body. But the question is how you’re going to do that. The answer is pretty smart and that is EatSmart’s nutrition scale.

Advanced and smart in its technology, this system covers a wide-ranged food database in it. Over 1,000 food items can be nutritionally checked by this system along with a USDA Nutrition Facts label. 

Other than the food directory, it can record up to 99 food entries. This is due to its memory mode which helps you with calorie tracking. In nutrient calculation, it covers a majority of nutrients which include calories, fats, carbs, sodium, etc.

Generally, all food scales of such a size have weight limitations of 11 pounds. The same goes for this unit as usually all food items get covered in it. for heavy-weighting items, you may repeat the calculation for each of them, if needed. Moreover, the ever-necessary tare feature marks its presence. Without it, the scaling unit is rubbish.   Furthermore, it has a white backlit LCD screen.

EatSmart is one of the best bodybuilding food scales available on the market. It runs on dual pair of AAA batteries that come along with the package.

  • Comes with USDA Nutrition Facts label
  • Memory Mode for Weekly Tracking
  • Daily Intake Calculation Is Time-Consuming


It’s not a heavy diet, but a healthy and limited diet that makes one healthy and active. This article focused on the best food scales for bodybuilding. But in fact, these scales work fine for every diet and nutrition-related purpose.

With the hope that this was a productive read for you, my work here is done now. Be sure to don’t be hard on yourself and move at your own pace.

I’ll be back again with a fresh topic.

Till then, Healthy dieting!

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