Best Fillet Knife for Salmon

Best Fillet Knife for Salmon


Fishing is such an adventurous but tiring hobby. If you are a fishing lover, then you must have an idea about how exciting it is when a salmon get trap in your net. Coming back from fishing after a long tiring day, the next hectic task you face is filleting the salmon into fine pieces.

Filleting the salmon into small pieces is professional work. A single wrong cut can spoil the shape and beauty of the salmon. The only tool that can help in filleting the salmon beautifully is a filleting knife. But do you think that selecting a filleting knife will be that easy?

A dozen brands are selling filleting knives for salmon. But the problem here is which one to choose? Check out the list of best fillet knife for salmon to get the best in the game.

Top 12 Best Fillet Knife for Salmon

The fruit of salmon’s fishing pays off when the salmon is fillet perfectly. Only a sharp and elongated fillet knife can do this job perfectly. Finding the best salmon filleting knife among the hundreds of knives is like finding a needle in the sand.

Here we have gathered all our years of fishing knowledge and put together all the top quality filleting knives for salmon. All these knives are the best in the game and will help you in achieving the best results.

After reading these reviews, preparing the gratifying salmon will not be a nightmare anymore.

1. WUSTHOF Classic Fillet Knife: High-quality fillet knife

WUSTHOF is the best filleting knife for salmon that you can have. Extraordinarily sharp and a rock star in performance, WUSTHOF is a high-quality salmon fillet knife. For accurate cuts, the WUSTHOF Classic knife is made from a single piece of carbon stainless steel.

For better grip, the handle is made up of polypropylene (plastic). This handle is heat resistible and is comfortable in griping. The sharp blade is 7 inches in length. The sharp blade is perfect for filleting large salmons.

The stainless steel blade is corrosion resistible. This WUSTHOF is a German made product. When purchased from an authentic retailer, then comes with a limited time warranty.

  • 7 inches large stainless steel blade
  • Smoothly move around the backbone of salmon
  • A limited time warranty
  • Can’t be washed in a dishwasher

2. American Angler Pro Electric Fillet Knife: Best Fillet Knife for Salmon

American Angler is pretty famous for manufacturing quality salmon fillet knives. This model of American Angler is an electric fillet knife. The comfortable handset is designed in a way for continuous filleting for hours without getting tired at the grip.

The majority of the salmon commercial fishers and guide services choose American Angler over any other brand. The most amazing feature of this American Angler knife is that the blade is compatible with many other American Angler blades. If you want to have a curve or large fillet blade, then you can easily replace the blade with the blade of your choice.

This PRO series of American Angler is boasting 2x more torque than any other heavy-duty electric filleting knife.

  • 2-year limited time warranty
  • Compatible with many other American Angler blades
  • Comfortable handgrip
  • Sometimes the handle warm-up during usage

3. WUSTHOF Gourmet 11 inch Salmon Fillet Knife: Slicing Knife

The GOURMET series of WUSTHOF has some special place in its users’ hearts. The rigid and reliable handle of polypropylene material is comfortable for gripping. The most amazing thing about this WUSTHOF Gourmet fillet knife is that its blade is 11 inches in length with a round tip! That’s pretty cool.

This fillet knife is perfect for slicing the salmon from its backbone. The blade is sharp in performance and is made up of carbon stainless steel to prevent corrosion formation. With its large round blade, you can cut out large salmon easily.

This German-made fillet knife is deserved to know as the best fillet knife for salmon cutting.

  • 11 inch round long blade
  • Rigid and comfortable handgrip
  • Limited time warranty
  • Best slicing knife
  • A little heavy

4. FabFiveCo Fish Cleaning Kit: Best Fish Fillet Knife for the Money

What can be more amazing than having a whole fish cleaning kit with a fillet salmon knife? FabFiveCo provides a whole fish cleaning kit to make your life easier. The fillet knife ranges 1-6 inches in length and is supported with a wooden handle. The wooden handle is pretty comfortable in feel. For the protection of the fillet knife, FabFiveCo provides a sheath.

For those people who complain that their knife sharpness vanishes after a few uses, FabFiveCo provides a Ceramic Knife Sharpener. Another thing that FabFiveCo provides for users’ hand protection is an anti-cut glove that protects the user from external cuts.

FabFiveCo knows very well how to satisfy a user. In this full kit set, you get six pieces.

  • Ceramic Knife Sharpener
  • Six-piece kit
  • Wooden board for salmon cutting
  • The glove is not rich in quality

5. Mercer Culinary Millennia Fillet Knife: Best Knife for Filleting Fish

Any fisher can only fillet a fish perfectly when he grips the fillet knife comfortably. The grip is the foremost important factor that matters in the filleting of a salmon. To achieve a comfortable grip and to cut the salmon perfectly, Mercer has manufactured the handle of high-quality.

By keeping ease and durability in mind, Mercer has manufactured the handle with a combination of Polypropylene and Santoprene. Both materials are rich in relaxing the grip and are long-last in performance.

The steel blade of the fillet knife is of high-quality Japanese material. The blade is of one piece of carbon stainless steel that is corrosion-free and sharp in performance.

The textured finger-point on the handle prevents slipping.

  • High-quality handle
  • Textured finger-points on the handle for better grip
  • Sharp blade
  • The round edge in not suitable for filleting around the backbone

6. Victorinox Straight Fillet Knife: Best Salmon Filleting Knife

This is the sixth fillet knife on our list. Victorinox is a trusted, large fillet knives brand. You can not only use this knife for salmon cutting but, also this knife can be used for meat and poultry filleting. The performance quality of this Victorinox knife is of high-level.

Talking about its blade quality, the blade of the Victorinox Straight Fillet Knife is extra-ordinary sharp. Made from a single piece of carbon stainless steel. If the blade’s sharpness decreases after a few uses, then worries because you can easily sharp it again with a sharpener.

If you purchase this Victorinox knife from an authentic retailer, then comes with a limited time warranty. The handle is also pretty comfortable in the grip.

  • Sharp blade
  • Warranty supported
  • Can also use for meat and poultry filleting
  • The looks are the same as of ordinary knives
  • The blade is short in length

7. Bubba Flex Fillet Knife: Large Curved Fillet Knife

As the name refers, Bubba is the King in the industry of fillet knives. Either you want to have a fillet knife for small salmon or a large salmon; nothing can be a better option than Bubba. Bubba knows the formula of how to make quality products that win users’ hearts.

This fillet knife of Bubba is of 9-inches in length. This 9 inches length is enough to fillet a large fish easily. The overall length of the knife is 15 inches. The reason that the Bubba flex fillet knife is famous is that it’s the ideal knife for slicing thin fillets without losing the meat.

The Ti-Nitride coated stainless steel blade is corrosion-resistant. The extra-sharp tip is perfect for filleting the large salmons around the backbone region.

  • Extra-sharp tip
  • 9 inches large stainless steel blade
  • The handle’s quality is so so

8. Rapala Fish Fillet Knife: Best Fillet Knife for Salmon

The first thing Rapala that will catch your attention toward itself is the fillet knife looks. Pretty cool in look with some texture on the body. The wooden cover adds some sprinkles of beauty to the fillet knife.

Either you want to fillet small fishes or large salmons; this Rapala fillet knife is perfect for you. From its looks to its performance, everything is up to class. If the sharpness of the blade vanishes after some time, then no tension because the Rapala fillet knife is supported with a sharpener. 

The wooden handle is pretty satisfying to gripping. Choosing a Rapala fillet knife for your use will be a pretty good choice.

  • Pretty cool in looks
  • Wooden cover for extra protection
  • Sharpener for the maintenance of sharpness
  • The sharpener is not that efficient in performance

9. Outdoor Edge Fillet Knife: The game-changer

Sometimes it does happen that we make sudden modes for fishing and other trips. During fishing, it becomes really hard to cut the salmon on such sudden trips. In this situation, the only thing that can help you out is a pocket fillet knife. Outdoor has manufactured a pocket fillet knife that you can carry with you anywhere you want.

Talking about the fillet knife, it has 5 inches sharp blade, which is enough to slice small salmons. The fillet knife is supported with a cloth case for extra protection. The knife is small that you can easily hook it on your pant belt easily.

  • Convenient to carry
  • Light in weight
  • Can fillet many small fishes easily
  • Not recommended for large salmons or any other fishes

10. Rapala Fish Super-flex Fillet Knife: Best in the Game

Rapala is here for the second time on our list of best fillet knife for salmon. As we have mentioned above that Rapala’s every product is of high-quality. Not only on performance, but Rapala also does focus on the looks of the product.

This Super-flex Fillet knife of Rapala is very efficient in performance. The beautifully hand-crafted handle of the fillet knife is easy to grip and is slip-resistant. The blade of the fillet knife is sharp and is elongated at the tip. The tip sharpness helps the fisher to cut the salmon around the bones easily.

Another remarkable feature of this Rapala knife is that its material is stainless steel, which helps it to prevent rust formation as much as possible.

  • The sharp and elongated blade
  • Looks are very attractive
  • The blade’s length is not recommended for large salmons

11. Dexter-Russell Fillet Knife: Slim Fillet knife

Dexter-Russell is the second last product on our list. This fillet knife is a slim body knife. If you have ever searched for a Cutco fillet knife on amazon, then you must be surprised by the wide variety of products. Dexter-Russell is here to provide you quality fillet knife within a reasonable price tag.

The foremost classical feature of this fillet knife is that is made up of stainless steel of carbon to prevent rust formation. Rust always eats the product externally. For extra better gripping, the handle is textured with finger-point.

The blade is pretty sharp and slim: perfect for filleting the salmon into small and thin pieces. This Dexter-Russell knife is very light in weight: only 0.45 pounds.

  • Light in weight
  • Slim and smart body
  • The blade is elongated and sharp
  • Quality is poor

12. ZWILLING J.A. Fillet Knife: Chef’s Choice

ZWILLING J.A. is not only loved by ordinary people but also loved by chefs. The quality of this ZWILLING knife is awesome. ZWILLING J.A. is a German-made fillet knife. It is the last product on our list of best fillet knife for salmon cutting.

The handle plays an important role in the performance of a fillet knife. The handle of this fillet knife is plastic. These plastic handles are mostly used by everyone because they are comfortable with gripping and are reliable in performance.

The blade of this ZWILLING J.A. fillet knife is stainless steel. The stainless steel body is corrosion-free. The blade is sharp and can cut out large salmons easily and perfectly. 

If you are looking for a knife that can fillet salmon and other fishes pretty well, then this ZWILLING J.A. is the best fillet knife that you can have.

  • Sharp and strong blade
  • Corrosion-free body
  • Ordinary style

Why Salmon need a special knife for filleting?

It is seriously a good question, what is the need for having a special knife for salmon? However, it can be cut by any other ordinary knife. Honestly, speaking! The ordinary knives don’t have the desired length, sharpness, and versatility as the fillet knife has. Large fishes like salmon are hard to fillet, they do require a specific knife for the job.

Along with the sharpness and length, there are a few things that you need to know about the fillet knife. Check out the buying guide for the best fillet knife for salmon to get complete guidance.

Buying Guide for Best Fillet Knife for Salmon

You know it very well that a wrong fillet knife can not only destroy your salmon fillet and also can ruin water on your all-day fishing effort. If you work with a flat knife, then you can end up filleting yourself. Before you grab any fillet knife, check out what you need to know about it.

From the knife’s length to its material composition to its sharpness, everything thing matters when it comes to select the best fillet knife for salmon.

1. Material Composition

Before we talk about any other important property of a salmon filleting knife, let us first discuss the importance of the right material composition. The importance of the right material composition is the same as the importance of the right ingredient in salmon cooking.

These salmon fillet knives must compose of sharp and long-lasting material. For instance, the material of the salmon fillet knife should be high-quality carbon stainless steel. The carbon stainless steel is more durable and great in performance than any other.

2. Sharpness and sharpening stone

There is no doubt that the salmon fillet knife should be extraordinarily sharp. Cutting the salmon into fine fillets is a precarious job. The only thing which can reverse the whole game is a dull knife. 

To get the perfect salmon fillets, and to ensure accuracy, you should select an extraordinarily sharp fillet knife. The knife should be that sharp that it can be able to cut the salmon perfectly in one shot.

Sometimes it does happen that after several uses, the sharpness of the fillet knife decreases. To maintain the sharpness of the knife, and to continue its quality performance, you should also get a sharpening stone.

3.Right Blade length

The secret behind beautifully cut salmon fillets includes the fillet knife of the right length. Usually, the size of the fillet knife ranges from 4 inches to about 9 inches. This variation is due to the size of the fish. The bigger the fish is, the longer is the blade of the fillet knife.

If you are having crappie, bluegills, and perch salmon fishes, then a 6 inches fillet knife will be okay for it. But the fact is not written that you will always have only these three specific fishes. The average length of the fillet knife that will be okay for every kind of salmon fish is 7 inches.

4. Handle Grip

No doubt handles of fillet knives play an important role in the performance of the knife.

The more comfortable you will grab the knife, the more professionally you will cut the fish. The handle grip of the fillet knife should be of comfortable material. The material should be of that quality which can help you in preventing excess sweating. 

In the past time, the wood handle had been the premium choice of every user. But now, rubbers and plastic have turned the game towards themselves. Both rubber and plastic are great choices. However, the rubber will be better and comfortable than plastic, because it can be squeezed for a better grip.


No matter how expensive salmon you purchase or trap if you don’t have the best fillet knife for salmon cutting, then you are missing everything. Food presentation matters, the classier the salmon looks, the more you will desire to eat it. A classy look comes with perfect cutting.

In this list, we reviewed the top 12 filleting knives for salmon. Every of the filleting knife is best in their shoes. The fillet knife that we have chosen as the best is the “WUSTHOF Classic Fillet Knife”. This fillet knife is best for every aspect.

For better decision, prefer those things which we have mentioned in the buying guide. 

We do hope that the mentioned list will surely help in selecting the top fillet knife. Do prefer your preference in selecting the knife. Lastly, make sure to cook delicious salmons after getting the best salmon filleting knife.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the desired length of the fillet knife for large salmons?

Fillet knives range from a minimum of 4 inches to a maximum of 9 inches. This wide difference is due to the different sizes of salmons. For large size salmons, the length of the fillet knife should be 9 inches. This length will help you avoid wear and tears.

Is it necessary to have a special fillet knife for salmon?

Believe it or not, but having a special fillet knife for salmon cutting is very important. The reason behind this is that fillet knives are usually longer and sharper than those ordinary knives. By having this fillet knife, you can make your salmon cutting easier than ever.

Which one is the best fillet knife for salmon?

Every of the mentioned knife is the best in the business, but at the end of the day, one always wins. Among all the 12 fillet knives, the best one is the “Wusthof Classic Black Fillet Knife.” From its material composition to its length to its performance, everything is on point.

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