Best Boning Knives for Deer

Best Boning Knife for Deer


            Hunting has now turned into a big pastime hobby for people all over the world who gather during hunting season whether deer or birds. So, explore your inner talent of hunting and practice butchering with different styles of knives to excel in your craftmanship. Having the best boning knife for deer is a blessing as it will save your time from the challenging butchering of this big wild animal.

            Today I will provide you with a list of boning knives that will be easy and flexible on your hand. Moreover, the buying guide and features discussion will help you to choose the perfect knife for cutting flesh near the bone. Buckle up! this holiday season to hunt according to your DIY and need and surprise your family and friends with the unique taste of deer sausages, hamburgers or roast.

Best Professional Boning Knives Reviews to have a perfect cut of deer

                A Boning knife is one that helps in removing bones of deer, poultry, fish, and meat through its sharp pointy top and slender narrow blade. A good boning knife not only has the quality to neatly separate meat from bone but also slice through cartilage and joints.

            Discover your passion for making deer meat at home by starting a collection of a good boning knife and unleash your imagination into the cuisine of your interest.

1. MERCER Culinary Genesis Forged Boning Knife 6”

  • Brand:             Mercer Culinary
  • Blade:              Stainless Steel
  • Colour:            Steel/ Black
  • Handle:           Santoprene
  • Size:                 6”
  • Blade:              high carbon

            Mercer is a 30-year-old company with a lot of experience in the culinary world. They have worked with food enthusiasts to understand the challenges faced by modern chefs and culinary students to get the most out of their products. That is the reason many chefs are hooked with this brand especially hunters of wild animals.

            This NSF listed Best Boning Knife with ergonomic design just for cutting deer meat without much stress on your hand after its long use makes our list, due to its precision and workhorse nature. The importance of a forged stainless-steel knife is undoubtedly hard to ignore as it is rust-resistant and has fast colour.

            You might be thinking if it is hard to care for and handle this knife? Well, it’s not that hard to care for it but you must hand wash it instead of using a dishwasher as the continuous exposure to hot water and strong detergent will loosen its handle. The full tang that runs through the entire length of the handle provides stability against slippery cuts of your deer.

  • German steel
  • Strong against kitchen oils
  • Taper-ground edge
  • Sturdy grip due to thick bolster
  • Flexible blade
  • Full tang blade
  • Unsafe to wash in dishwasher.

2. ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Professional S Flexible Boning Knife 5.5”

  • Brand:             Henckels        
  • Blade:              Stainless Steel
  • Colour:            Black/ Stainless steel
  • Blade:              Ice-hardened friodur            
  • Size:                 5”
  • Handle:           Polymer three-rivet

                This German build to last knife is forged from single steel.  Its ideal edge retention ensures a neat cut of deer every time. Its blade is durable and remains sharp for a long time. Its robust bolster is good for fatigue-free and easy on hand cutting. Corrosion-resistant is another good feature of this knife.
            It is always recommended to use a full tang knife just like this Henckels knife to have less strain on your hand in long working hours. This game-changing knife is not only good for cutting deer, chicken and fish but also immensely helpful in cutting the hard skin of deer.

            This kitchen-friendly ideal for daily use knife will assist you throughout your hunting session as it bends around 15-degree angles. Highly rated by America’s test kitchen, this knife provides you with perfect deer fillets and boning near the bone.  

  • Ice Hardened blade for durability
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The triple-riveted handle provides a firm grip.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in Spain.
  • Super resilience
  • 57 Rockwell hardness for strength
  • No sheath for extra protection

3. ZWILLING J.A. Henckels 38401-183 Chef’s Knife 7”

  •  Brand:            Henckels
  • Blade:              Alloy Steel
  • Colour:            Black/Stainless Steel
  • Handle:           POM
  • Size:                 7”

If you want to bring the heat to cutting, then this knife will be suitable for you.  These knives are made to deliver with their reliable forging and hardening technology.  Its consistent SIGMAFORGE forging strategy comes with a blend of strength, hardness and durability not to mention versatility and flexibility to have a clean cut of your deer every time.

The secret behind this is that the knife is moulded from a single piece of Special Formula High-Carbon which also brings out safety and sanitation. The steel is also extinguished in temperatures below sub-zero to produce a blade that is exceptionally firm, stiff and corrosion-resistant, very sharp and has razor-edged retention. Its full tang adds to its durable legacy.

This one-of-a-kind deer boning knife will do work when it comes to cut bones and blood touching the muscle. Not only that but this knife can cut chop or dice deer into regular pieces. On top of this, this knife has a curved bolster for safety, durability and comfort measures. In my option, it would be easier to tell you what this masterpiece does not have!

  • Ice-hardened Blade
  • Curved Bolster
  • SIGMAFORGE Technology
  • Exceptionally Durable
  • Razor-Sharp Blade
  • Long Lifespan
  • Reasonably Expensive

4. VICTORINOX -47602 Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro 6”

  •  Brand:            Victorinox
  • Blade:              Stainless steel
  • Colour:            Black
  • Handle:           Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Size:                 6”

               Swiss Army has been around the globe for a long time now and as the cheese of Switzerland is famous so are the knives. Four different styles of blades are available in this Swiss Army knife. Curved flexible, curved semi-stiff, straight semi-flexible and straight stiff blades are there to treat the skill of beginners.

             Fibrox is a stamped knife which means that the blade is cut from a sheet of metal. Fibrox series of Victorinox is famous among both professionals and amateur hunters. This knife has proved itself as a great hunter friend.

            The curve in this boning knife is ideal for thinner and delicate cuts of deer meat. Its patented Fibrox handle is slip-resistant and comfortable for professional hunters and chefs who work with the boning of deer all day long.

  • Ergonomically design for balance
  • Lifetime warranty against any defects of craftmanship
  • Narrowed ground through length and depth for a broader breakpoint.
  • Ice-tampered to retain sharpness for a long time.
  • Grip handle with finger guard
  • Expensive for novice Chefs
  • Recommended not to wash in dishwasher

5. VICTORINOX Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro 12”

  • Brand:             Victorinox
  • Blade:             High Carbon Steel Granton Blade
  • Colour:            Black
  • Handle:           Patented Fibrox Pro handle
  • Size:                 12”

                Want to cut your brisket perfectly? Victorinox high carbon steel boning knife is made just for you. The Granton marks on the blade create air pockets which help to cut your raw deer meat without sticking to the blade and prevent you from throwing away the flavours of this wild being.

            This five-star product is phenomenal in cutting deer to turkey and fish to chicken. This NSF approved knife is your best friend in the kitchen not only for the soft meat portions of deer but also for well-done steaks of this friend. Its high quality and lightweight European steel provide a long straight cut even to a firm meatloaf of deer this holiday season.

Easy handling, precision in slicing and a lifetime warranty make this Swiss Army knife an essential tool for every kitchen whether in a hunting lodge or summer home. You can sharpen the blade by honing steel for the best performance. Grab this best professional knife for your holiday season deer party for a perfect cut.

  • Melts in the hand just like an extension of you.
  • Wear-resistant stainless-steel blade
  • Trusted Swiss-made knife with grooved edge and round tip
  • Granton blade which minimizes friction for a smooth cut
  • Expensive for a single knife purchase

6. ZELITE Infinity Boning Knife 6” Alpha-Royal Series

  • Brand:               Zelite
  • Blade:              Stainless-Steel
  • Colour:            Black
  • Handle:           G10
  • Size:                 6

If you are looking for a well-rounded knife that has sheer performance but also a sleek look then looks no further because Zelite is known to give the absolute best and this time is no exception. For starters, this knife has a full tang G10 handle which is not only comfortable and as light as a feather, it also adds extra strength and durability. It also has fashion points because of its classic 3-Metal Mosaic Rivet which is carved into the handle and looks as beautiful as the northern lights.          

            This knife is also accompanied by a tampered bolster for the perfect mix of control and power. The blade itself is made of Japanese AUS 10 Super Steel and is also forged with 67 layers of stainless steel which makes it extremely durable, stain and dust resistant. Thus, you cannot even break this knife in your dreams! The edges are also non-stick and are liquid nitrogen cooled further enhancing the stain, rust/corrosion resistance & edge retention properties!

The edges are also so sharp because they are sharpened down to 12 degrees during production. The Damascus semi-stiff blade allows just about everything from slicing deer meat to trimming steak or even skinning or de-boning your hunted deer. Plus, this product has a lifetime warranty with its lifetime durability in case you are not satisfied with your product.

  • Made from exceptionally durable steel.
  • Elegant and stylish design
  • Premium packaging
  • Stunning triple-riveted rounded handle.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Worth the price
  • Available in only one colour

7.    DALSTRONG- Gladiator Series-Forged German Thyssenkrupp 6”

  • Brand:              Dalstrong
  • Blade:              High Carbon Steel
  • Colour:            Black
  • Handle:           Rounded
  • Size:                 6”

            If your hunt for the best boner knife continues then this knife will be a tough choice to neglect. With its ultra-premium G-10 handle this knife offers durability at its finest. Its hand-polished bolster and ergonomic handle shape offer power, reassurance and agility. The triple rivets further enhance the pure ruthlessness of this knife along with an elegant and classy look.

When we come to the blade itself, we come to know of its full tang, high-carbon German steel which slices and dices through most big meat parts of deer with ease due to its sword-like sharpness. The blade is hard and flexible which offers versatility at its finest.

 The hand-polished edges are 14-16 degrees per side giving great edge retention and allowing the edges to sharpen easily. Whether it is de-boning, preparing or filleting this knife can do all of that and much more in the blink of an eye efficiently and satisfyingly.

This knife also has a ton of other features as well like rust resistance, the ability to be easily cleaned, included sheath and many more. This knife is also used professionally by many hunters whether that is because of its superior quality cutting or sleek design for handling.

  • High-carbon German steel
  • Easily sharpens.
  • Stylish design
  • Steady and amazing handle shape
  • Has a marvellous overall design and performance.
  • Loses sharpness easily in some cases.

8.  TENSTEED Chef Knife 8” Kitchen Knife

  •  Brand:            Tensteed
  • Blade:              3 Layer Clad Steel
  • Colour:            Silver
  • Handle:           100% Sandalwood
  • Size:                 8”

            Have you made your mind about the knife you are going to buy for your deer deboning? If not, consider the Tensteed Chef kitchen knife. This will prove to be your best multi-functional friend in the kitchen whether you want to dice, cut, mince or chop.

            Its double-edged and full tang ergonomic design is fully compatible with both left and right-hand chefs. This beautiful piece will become your go-to knife as it allows you to have the perfect cut every time without extra pressure on your hands.

            Its natural handle is made from Chinese Sandalwood which is comfortable and light on the hands even after long working hours and gives a solid feel. This utility knife will give you a productive touch of a professional chef.

  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Right size for all-round use
  • Fancy look for your aesthetic sense.
  • Lightweight.
  • Food should be fully thawed for this knife to work effectively.
  • Do not cut bones and hard dried food.
  • Sway cutting will cause the break of the edge of the blade.
  • Do not slap on hard surfaces.

9. KASTKING Slicing Carving Knife 12”

  •  Brand:            Kastking
  • Blade:              stainless steel
  • Colour:            Black- orange
  • Handle:           super polymer grip
  • Size:                 12”

                Want to trim the fat off your brisket, cutting bait or steaking deer fillet this KastKing knife has your every desire covered. The razor-sharp G4116 German stainless steel with black texture works wonders when it comes to cutting deer boneless stripes without pressing their shape.

            Its Granton blades make sure that the motion of the knife is smooth and effortless. This feature along with the super non-slip grip of this flexible boning knife will cut your meat off the bone without slipping from your hand.

            The reviews of this affordable slicing carving knife proved its daily usage and utility in the kitchen. Its durable and lightweight sheath protects the knife from damaging its round tip between work and the gaps in the sheath allow the knife to stay dry during the cold of winter when you are preparing to cut your deer in your garage.

  • Does not contain lead.
  • A sleek and sharp blade
  • Budget-friendly
  • Sheath covering
  • German stainless-steel resistance
  • Good in fresh and saltwater
  • Perfect for skinning fish.
  • Only good for fillet cutting.
  • Does not cut through bone.

10. IMARKU Boning Knife 6” Fillet Knife

  •  Brand:            IMARKU
  • Blade:              Stainless-steel
  • Colour:            Silver
  • Handle:           Pakkawood
  • Size:                 6”

                Want to have an even effortless slicing of your deer roast then this IMARKU hand-polished boning knife is a must kitchen tool. It not only cuts deftly near the bone, but its razor-sharp edges provide flawless results and save the time of your cutting.

            Open new doors of cooking adventures with this German high carbon steel boning knife which has a 56 Rockwell hardness. Every chef dreams of a knife that is comfortable on the hands and this knife is perfect for every hunting occasion without much pressure on the hands.

  • Narrow blade even cuts veggies along with filleting
  • Smooth Pakkawood polish of handle
  • Corrosion resistance due to German stainless steel built.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Non-slip grip of handle even if you have oil on your hand.
  • Cannot debone meat.
  • Not dishwasher safe

11. TUO Boning Knife 7” Fillet Knife

  •  Brand:            TUO
  • Blade:              High carbon German Stainless-steel
  • Colour:            Fiery
  • Handle:           Pakkawood
  • Size:                 7”

            Did you make your mind about buying a knife for boning and skinning beef and deer? If not, this TUO boning knife will be a good addition to your knife kit. The good flexible and thin boning TUO knife trims down tenderloin meat of deer without wasting any other meat, your time, and your money.

            Awarded kitchen knife by this knife truly is a treat to your kitchen. Its edge will not chip away easily as it is processed with high-tech vacuum heat. Its hardness is around 56 Rockwell which is good for extraordinary performance. The bolster of the knife will give you a perfect grip.

            Go for this one-of-a-kind boning and filleting knife to complete your kitchen accessories kit. The full tang handle and the razor-sharp edge will give you proficiency and end your work in the kitchen in no time.

  • High carbon German steel
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Each side of the blade is honed at 18 degrees.
  • The blade will not rust over time.
  • Good for your aesthetic taste
  • Flexible blade gets into thinner and small spaces of meat.
  • Luxury packaging box
  • No sheath included.

12. WALLOP Chef Knife 6” Professional kitchen Chef’s Knife

  • Brand:             Wallop
  • Blade:              Stainless-steel
  • Colour:            Silver
  • Handle:           Pakkawood brown, forged and tanged
  • Size:                 6”

            This knife is good for daily use as it has all the features needed by a deer hunter and a home expert chef. Its highly rust-resistant quality prevents it from decolouration. The traditional 3-step Honbazuke method ensures that the edges remain strident and sharp. Its elegant triple-riveted forged handle provides a well-balanced and non-slip grip for both right and left-handed.

  • 2mm thickness for neat and easy boning
  • 8-to-12-degree double-level blade
  • 1.4416 high carbon German steel
  • Natural wood handle
  • HEC 56 plus
  • Not a professional hunting and boning knife.

Kitchen knife glossary

Bolster: The thick and wide end of the blade is incorporated within the handle for grip and stronger control.

Forged: The process of pounding a steel sheet into the shape of a knife. It can be done by a machine or bladesmith.

Bevel: The surface that runs down to form the edge of the knife for cutting. It can be either a single or double bevel. Single bevel is used for fine slicing while double bevel is more durable and lasting.

Heel: The thickest back end of the knife blade. It provides great control while cutting and the leverage is used to chop hard foods.

Tang: It is the steel that is engrooved into the handle partially or sometimes full to provide support to the blade. A good tang knife usually comes with three rivets.

Buying guide: Buy once Buy Right

 1 Handle

The major pressure you are going to exert on your knife is through the handle. Usually, deer hunting is done in winter, so a sturdy grip on the handle is necessary for smooth working on the deer body.

The handle comes in many different forms and materials. For example, a wooden handle or even a stainless-steel one. While a wooden one will give you a better and more elegant look it can easily erode and get exposed to such chemicals.

 A stainless-steel knife can glamour itself and be a durable foe. You also got to see which handle material is the best for you like do you want a better grip or more resistance for example. Also, consider the tang of the blade because a full tang will give your handle a stable and long lifespan.

2.  Blade design

Blade design plays a major role when buying or using a boning knife and some beginners might neglect this or not pay as much heed as it is required. Buying the right blade design for deer cutting will save a lot of your time in the long run. You must see whether you prefer a straight, curved, stiff, flexible or any other blade design type.

 It also depends on what you will use your boning knives for mainly if it removes deer skin in a single swipe then go for a curved blade or if it is larger pieces of meat then go for a straight blade. If you make your blade design decision according to these factors you will indeed get the most optimal results for the boning for your hunt.

3. Blade material

Is durability your problem or are your current knives getting dull in a day or two? That is probably because of the low-quality blade material used to make them. Well, I have a cure for your problem and that cure is stainless-steel. Stainless-steel the most popular and reliable blade material out there.

It is sharp, durable, dust and rust resistance! It can practically do everything together for you while handling deer cut! You can even go one step further by buying one of the various stainless-steel types available in the market which will all further enhance your blade.

Our Pick:

After reviewing all these superb and flabbergasting products who bring their twist to the knife industry it is time to pick the one that stands out the most and truly is the best of the best. It all comes down to personal preference in the end and for what you are going to mainly use these knives for.

 However, in my personal and honest opinion the Dalstrong- Gladiator Series-Forged German Thyssenkrupp 6” is probably your best pick. With all its stunning features and pros this is a foe to be reckoning with. It also comes with a sheath at a reasonable price for all its features. This knife will trim and remove the bones and waxy deer fat like it is a walk in the park. Skinning deer has never been this easy this hunting winter.

Final verdict:

After reading all that I hope you can get to know 2 things. Which is the importance of a boning knife and how to buy the most optimal one for your deer or elk hunting. Also, keep in mind if you are going to use your boning knife for a specific purpose then buy a one that fulfils all your needs according to that. In the end, this is a must grab an item to add to your shopping list this holiday season.

Furthermore, you should keep the blade material, design, handle, tang, what you are going to use your knife for mainly and many more. I hope whichever product you buy you will not be disappointed with your decision. Well, there is no time better than the present to buy a  deer boning knife and cut, slice and dice through food and serve it for your family and yourself this wonderful time of the year!


1 What is a boning knife and are there unique ones for deer handling?

Ans:     A boning knife is a knife as the name suggests which is used to cut through or near the dear flesh and bone. It’s typically used in the kitchen and is accompanied by a sharp point and narrow edge. However, a vigorous and firm boning knife will be the most efficient against boning and skinning deer, while a flexible one is most likely to be used for the soft meat of deer.

2 Which blade type is better stiff or flexible for the skinning and deboning of deer?

Ans:     It depends on how you like your meat and food after cooking. If you prefer thicker cuts of meat and want to separate bones from meat with ease, then you should opt for a stiff blade type. However, if you want tender and juicy work like skin removal or stake cut of deer with precision then a flexible blade type is your best bet.

3 Which knives are more durable: full tang or partial tang for cutting big pieces of deer?

Ans:     While a full tang knife will generally be stronger and allow you to put more power and force into what you are planning to do with your deer. However, with its sheer power, the edges are exposed to corrosion. A partial tang lacks the ruthlessness of a full tang knife but pays for it with its lightweight handle and a guarantee to remove all moisture of deer.

4 How can I choose between boning and filleting knife for deer?

Ans:     A boning knife is mostly used to remove bones from poultry and big meat pieces of cow and deer. A filleting knife is used to take off the skin, remove bone and cut soft meat of deer,  chicken and fish into a steak or small pieces.

            Curved and long blade boning knives are good for precise cuts and slicing a brisket. A more flexible knife is needed to move easily on the soft meat of fish. Saying all this, many knives are multi-purpose and function as both boning and filleting knives.

5 Does the thickness of the blade matters?

Ans:     It is said that the morcels near bone are tastier, so a good boning knife with a perfect blade can do this job.  A boning knife should be a little stiff so that you can cut big pieces. For inner cuttings near a bone of the deer, a flexible knife of 5 to 7 inches is recommended.

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